How Advancement Of the Finance Sector Enhanced Advantages Of International Money Transfer?

If you send money to Senegal regularly, you will want applications that can send/receive money and save information about each transaction. It doesn’t seem so long ago that glow-in-the-dark watches were the pinnacle of wearable technology. However, thanks to the ACE Money Transfer mobile app, you can now transfer money internationally with […]

How Is Government Making Efforts To Implement Digital Payment System Fully?

Pakistan’s economy is mainly cash-based; people send money to Pakistan and abroad by cash, with flourishing black markets and low government revenue. In Pakistan, a modern digital payment system has the potential to change this. The Pakistani government and the State Bank of Pakistan (SBP) collaborated with the Bill and Melinda […]

How Small Vendors And Individuals Can Benefit From Digital Payment?

The Bangladeshi government is making efforts to encourage expatriates to send money to Bangladesh from abroad. To facilitate interoperable transactions for all accounts of conventional banking and mobile financial services (MFS), the government will introduce a digital transaction framework with a single payment interface. The platform would allow for cross-platform transactions, […]

How Can Foreign Nationals In the EU Play Vital Role For Better Relationship Between The Two Countries? How Can Facilitate Them?

Do you know how to send money to Pakistan from European countries?  On the need for development in Pakistan, the EU, the Pakistani administration, and the Pakistani foreign nationals all agree. Only sound economic and political structures would enable this to happen. As a result, systematic engagement with the diaspora is needed. […]

How Emigrants Transfer Money To Home When They Lost Jobs During Current Scenario?

Remittances or migrants send money to Nigeria to their families back home are lifelines for millions of people. In 2019, remittances to low- and middle-income countries surpassed foreign direct investment and official development assistance, totalling $550 billion. These are just registered flows; the proper scale, which includes flows across unofficial channels, […]