Greatest Remittance Receiving Countries

Remittances are transferred among different countries all around the world in huge numbers. These formally and informally transferred funds play a vital role in the economy. The funds transferred by foreign workers to their home countries contribute to the GDP of the country. Asian countries receive a significant amount of remittances. […]

Importance of Currency in Global Market

The exchange of goods and services has transformed from the barter system into a standard form of exchange of goods called currency. In old times, there was nothing like currency. Instead, people exchanged goods to buy goods. Today, every nation in the world has a currency which plays a crucial role […]

Black Money a Threat to Money Transferring companies

Black money is nowadays a great threat to financial institutions including banks and money transfer services. Money transferring services help black money holders to transfer money intentionally as well as unintentionally. But in a case when the activity is beyond the knowledge of the money transferring company, then it is obviously […]