What is the role of state in Entrepreneurship?

Regulations play a crucial role in the development of entrepreneurship, but it requires a fine balancing activity of the regulating authority. Unregulated entrepreneurship may be the cause of unwanted social evils including unfair market practices, corruption, financial crisis and even criminal activity that can negatively influence the economy as a whole. […]

What is Bitcoin? Everything you need to know

Bitcoin is considered the first decentralised digital currency. These are digital coins that can be sent through the internet. When we compare Bitcoins to other alternatives, we can see that Bitcoins have a number of advantages. The first advantage of Bitcoins is that they are transferred directly from person to person, […]

How currency appreciation is good for economy?

Currency appreciation means the value of currency compared to other currencies has gained an upward increase eventually there is an increase in the exchange rate. A cheap currency obviously affects the domestic economy in a negative way but other countries can benefit from it because the imports for the countries become […]

Things to Avoid in Online Money Transfer

Scams and frauds regarding Online Money Transfer are really popular nowadays. All these scams started with a simple E-mail or a text message. Things to Avoid in Online Money Transfer Now, these messages contain either a link full of virus or information to another account where they would want you to […]

How Globalization Impacts Economy?

Globalization is a term which refers to the modern phenomena in which the countries can come in contact so easily through the internet, trade and international policies. Globalization has blurred the boundaries between countries. People can easily know people beyond a boundary. Globalization has influenced various areas of society including culture, […]

What were the reasons behind Brexit?

Brexit has undoubtedly created unrest in the economy and politics of the UK and EU. Challenges are rising. This referendum is not going to be an easy one because it is demanding a breakdown of one significant part of the EU. UK has a crucial role in the whole EU. Brexit […]

What are the External Debts and its effects

Foreign Aid, which is also called External debt is known to be a very important source of income for the countries that are currently in their development stage. Pakistan is one of the countries who rely much on foreign aid for the purpose of financing its balance of payments (BOP) deficit and also for the […]