How to send mobile airtime to Senegal?

                Do you know how to send money to Senegal with a credit card? In this article, we will throw light on how to send mobile airtime to Senegal in case if you are living outside of Senegal. Senegal is a West African country whose majority population lives in poverty which […]

How are financial technologies evolving?

Financial Technology or Fintech refers to technology-based solutions to financial problems like how to send money to Philippines from developed countries? We, in this article, will walk you through the different eras of Fintech evolution. Era 1 (1886-1967):- In this era dawned financial globalization, and the world came to know about […]

What is Economic Crisis? What are the Causes of it?

When a country experiences a sudden decline in various aspects of its economy, including its GDP, liquidity of its currency, and its overall inflation/deflation rates, crises take place. A country experiencing an economic crisis may also face recession and depression in the longer run. A crisis is caused by the inability […]

Keep your Online Money Transfer Secure

Keep your Online Money Transfer Secur

Online Money Transfer is one of the sensitive processes in the world because here you are not delivering any other product like fruits, gifts or any other such physical objects. But here you are transferring actual money with the help of internet. Keep your Online Money Transfer Secure And as you […]