January 22, 2020
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send money to Pakistan

Are you finding out ways to send money to Pakistan to help your dear ones in Pakistan? Let’s think about various and cheapest ways of doing so. Many people are not aware of numerous ways of transferring money. Keep on reading this article to find what you might be looking for. What Different Methods of […]

send money ONLINE

The world tends to do more remittance as it is helpful to make prosperous for people and the country. But the people are worried about the fee that a method charge to send money although there are many ways to send fund but finding the best way to send cash that fulfils the properties of being the […]

send money to Nigeria online

For send money to Nigeria  ACE Money Transfer is a smarter choice. Remittance inflows are increased in all the regions. Nigeria officially known as the Federal Republic of Nigeria is a country in West Africa. It is the 5th biggest remittance recipient in the World with the $22 billion remittances after India, China, Philippines, and Mexico […]

online money transfer system

The traditional way of sending money is transformed into the digital world as an online money transfer system. The online money transfer system is a huge network spread all over the world. Online money transfer is an electronic sending way of wire money with the high protocol of safety and authentications. The whole communication is done through the […]

How to send money to Bangladesh

Bangladesh remittance showed a brisk up stick in 2018. Bangladesh has been recognized as the ninth highest recipient of remittance. In South Asia, Bangladesh ranking third after India and Pakistan respectively. According to the World Bank statistics, Bangladesh received $15.5 billion in remittance last year (2018) which is more than 15% of the past few […]

send money to nepal

Nepal is a famous country which is known for its variety of mountainous and tourist points. Many people head to Nepal for several purposes. But Nepalese also move abroad for different purposes. According to research, more than 50% of the people visit abroad few and far between. People use different ways of sending money because […]

Send money to Nepal online

The World Bank reported in 2019 that Nepal remittance growth is increasing by 20% in early 2019. Another report that is also presented by the World Bank that Nepal is one of the lowest costs of sending money from abroad. There may be a reason that people can’t find a trusted way to send money to […]

Bangladesh transfer of your money

Bangladesh showed a high peek in remittance in 2018, raised by 15%. According to the World Bank statistics, a total of 15.3 billion US dollars received in 2015. You want to know the best of the way for Bangladesh’s transfer of your money. Most of the money transfer to Bangladesh are from India, UAE, Saudi Arabia, and some […]