How to Transfer Money to Ghana Online?

Do you want to send money to Ghana? There are multiple gateways to transfer money to Ghana but the most innovative and easiest way is through online gateways. Using the online method, you can send and receive money at the ease of your home. Nowadays, people value their time and prefer […]

How Long Does It Take To Send Money To Ghana?

Online money transfer has become an effortless mode of sending and receiving money from abroad. Online money transfers have reduced the time and hassle of transacting money. Ghanaians being a progressing and developing nation prefer online money transfers to send money to Ghana. Complete this checklist to get your transaction done […]

How Remittances Help Economy? Complete Guide

Funds transferred by people working in other countries to their home country for their families are known as remittances. This transferred money is usually the savings of the workers which they send to their families and thus don’t impact the country’s economy directly. However looking from an indirect perspective, this money […]

What is the Current State of Pakistan Economy?

The economy of Pakistan has gone through several ups and downs in the history and the current situation still does not give a pleasant picture. Pakistan is one of the developing countries and one can depict from it that the country will be facing issues like poverty, inflation, unemployment and low […]

Different Online Money Transfer Companies

In this modern age of technology, there are hundreds of different companies operating right now to provide their services for you to transfer your money to different parts of the world. Now coming to the different companies and little bit description about them. Well, there are several companies which are operating […]

How foreign currency enters into the country?

No doubt, it’s an age of globalization that has blurred the boundaries between countries. Trade among countries has achieved a crucial status in the economic world that no country can survive in a vacuum. One of the most common exchanges between countries is the exchange of currency through various ways that […]

Factors of Pakistani Economy

Pakistani economy is backed by its agriculture, industry and service sector. Pakistani economy is growing at a slow pace but is home to various types of natural resources which can be utilized in better and efficient ways in order to achieve development. Pakistan is highly rich for mineral resources, oil, gas […]

Money Transferring Scams You should be aware of

You would find plenty of money transferring services over the internet. The fact that technological advancements in the field of money transferring has made lives of people easier for them as money can be sent and received very quickly and conveniently. Technological advancements have also paved the path for scammers as […]

Strongest Economies of the World

When the strongest economies of the world are under discussion, the order may shift with a slight change but the key players are always the same. Due to the advancement of technology and industrial development, these countries produce a huge amount of goods and services which makes them strong on both […]

What are Foreign Reserves?

Foreign reserves are the foreign currencies held by a state bank in different countries. These reserves are kept in order to stabilize their trade with other countries as well as by this means countries get a chance to boost their economic ability on both local and international levels. These foreign currencies […]

Devaluation of Currency

The term devaluation refers to the intentional and sometimes forced downward adjustment of the value of a country’s currency compared to other groups of currencies or a standard currency. Generally, currencies are devaluated related to US dollars on international markets. For the purpose of devaluation, countries use monetary policy tools and […]

How Foreign Exchange Market is Important for Economy

Foreign exchange market is the backbone of international trade. It provides a platform where different countries can exchange goods and services that help the economies to boost. Foreign exchange market sets different foreign exchange rates where the value of the currency can gain power as well as currencies can devalue. It […]


Third world countries are categorized as the developing nations which are still in an ongoing struggle for development according to the recent definition of the third world. These countries are comparatively less developed in terms of their economic, political and social conditions and are facing high rates of poverty and unemployment. […]