What Foreign National Of Bangladesh Need to Know About Dhaka Stock Exchange Before Investment?

Are you planning to send money to Bangladesh to invest in DSA? Let me tell you something about Dhaka Stock Exchange first; The Dhaka Stock Exchange (DSE) is Bangladesh’s largest and oldest stock exchange, having opened for business before the country’s independence in the 1970s. The Chittagong Stock Exchange, which started […]

Expatriates Pump $15 Billion A Year Into Bangladesh’s Economy As Remittance— But At What Cost?

Bangladeshi diasporas send money to Bangladesh to support their home countries economy. Bangladesh’s past is a migration tale. For decades, people in the Bengal delta area have been on the move. The origins of modern labour migration can be traced back to colonial times. Approximately 500,000 Bangladeshis flee the country each […]

Myths VS Facts – Busting & Common Myths About Online Remittances

Expats send money to Nigeria to help the developing world alleviate poverty, encourage healthy livelihoods, and increase production. A rising number of Sub-Saharan Africa governments have initiated cash transfer initiatives aimed at low-income families over the last decade. Even though this remittance has helped local economies and many families, critics remain sceptical. […]

How to Save Maximum Amount? Guardians to International Money Transfer

There are various choices to send money to Bangladesh and worldwide. The cheapest approach is determined by the amount being sent, the target country, and the speed at which it must be sent. The best part for senders is that the prices of these money transfers have decreased over time, and […]