How Value of Currency is defined?

currency value

The demand for currency defines its value just like how the demand for goods and services defines its price in the market. It is nowadays understood that mostly all the currencies are compared to the dollar value; the reason why the US dollar is so much power in the world today. […]

What are the problems faced by remittances?


No doubt, remittances have a crucial role in the uprising of economic growth, especially for developing countries. Developing countries are more exposed to poverty and during a crisis situation; remittances play a vital role in returning to stable conditions. Today, the topic of remittances is of great interest to the researchers […]

Why devaluation of currency is important?


The falling value of the currency does not only damage the economy but it has positive impacts as well. Countries like China intentionally devalue their currency in comparison to the US dollar to keep their exports competitive in the market. Devaluation of the currency is also done by the central banks […]

Are regulations good for economy?


The economy is an interconnected system in which a business cycle runs. Not only a business cycle but it also includes the economic activity of consumers as well. In fact, consumers are the rulers of the economy. Both the firm and consumer sides are important to run an economy. There is […]

Guide on online Money Tansfer

online money transfer

Online money transfer is one of the most popular and most common used methods of money transfer. There are definitely a lot of the other options of the money transfer but online money transfer presents itself to be the best because if the amazing benefits that come along with it. With […]

Online Money Transfers Guide

online money transfer

Online money transfer is the most used methods when it comes to the money transfer. Even though there are a lot of the other money transfer methods people still choose the online money transfer as their first choice. The main reason why this method is used a lot is that it […]