Money Transfer Statistics of Pakistan

Exports of Pakistan are considerably low as compared to its imports due to several reasons. Due to this reason, the country is heavily dependent upon its expatriates who send money back home. The money usually accounted in dollars, serves practically as a backbone for its economy. Over the years, several efficient […]

How Poor Families Rely on Money Transfer

Poverty reduction and elimination are one of the major global issues. There are many underlined causes but governments are somehow failing to develop an ideal solution to cope up with it. However, due to the fact that the government is responsible for poor people of their country, there are many poverty […]

Precautions before sending money

People are highly dependent upon the process of sending and receiving money by different means. Convenience always comes at risk. The complexity of modern world has created so much chaotic ideas about the legitimacy of money transferring companies. Of course everybody wants their money to be safe and saved. Mentioned below […]

Money Transfer for Online Businesses

Online businesses deal with everything through online means. They contact their customers and the clients with the help of the internet and that also includes the order of some material you may need for your business. Same happens with the money transfer because that chooses to be done by the online […]

What are the Factors of Economic Growth?

Economies worldwide are in an ongoing race for growth and prosperity. Economic growth refers to the upward shift to efficient means of production and further advancement in existing technology. The growing economy is measured in terms of the country’s output or gross domestic product. Economic growth is an increase in the […]

How Foreign Exchange Market Influences Remittances?

Foreign exchange market plays a vital role in transferring remittances among different countries. It allows foreign exchange companies to provide services according to the interest rates, investment prospects and exports. The fluctuations seen in foreign exchange markets influence the currency a lot. When people send or receive remittances, the value of […]

Impact of Foreign Reserves on Economic Growth

Foreign reserves are basically the foreign currency held by the central bank of a country. These foreign currencies have a crucial role in economic growth and stability as it helps the economy to perform effectively in global markets. These foreign reserves can be increased by boosting trade between countries on international […]

Impacts of Money Laundering

Money laundering is, no doubt, practised everywhere in the world. The social and economic stabilities are greatly impacted by money laundering. The effects of money laundering phenomena on economic, political and social structures are intense. Amongst other crimes, money laundering has had better success to weaken economic and social stability by […]

Importance of Remittance in Pakistan

Pakistan is one of the greatest remittances receiving country in the world. The economy of Pakistan is greatly influenced by the foreign capital that flows into the country that eventually stabilizes the economic conditions of families and nations as well. There are about 10 million Pakistanis working in rich nations like […]