What Are The Policies Of Filipino Government For Foreign Direct Investment In The Country?

Filipinos working abroad send money to Philippines to invest in local businesses. During Asia’s ongoing financial crisis, the issue of effective policies for recovery and long-term growth is critical. The handling of foreign investors is one area of particular interest. Foreign direct investment (FDI) has played a significant role in many […]

What Is The Annual Remittance Of Nepal As Compare To Its Neighboring Countries?

Do you know how Nepalese send money to Nepal from abroad? Nepal is one of the world’s top remittance recipients (as a proportion of GDP). For a small landlocked economy ravaged by a decade-long Maoist insurgency (1996–2006), prolonged political turmoil, a sluggish growth rate, and massive migration of youths seeking jobs […]

What Are The Up And Downs In Nigerian Foreign Direct Investment During Recent Couple Of Years?

Each year people send money to Nigeria for Investment and trade. After Egypt and Ethiopia, Nigeria is Africa’s third-largest FDI recipient. The country is one of Africa’s most exciting growth poles, attracting a slew of investors in the hydrocarbon, energy, and construction sectors, among others. The effects of the oil counter-shock […]

How Can Gambian Government Get The Best Out Of Diaspora Working Abroad?

Gambian Diasporas send money to Gambia, which aids the economy of the country. In an unexpected move, the Gambia’s state holds the first “Consultative Meeting between the Government of the Republic of the Gambia and Gambians in the Diaspora” in January 2012, through its Ministry of Foreign Affairs, International Cooperation, and […]

What Are The Types Of Electronic Funds Transfer To Choose Cost-Effective Approach For International Payments?

Did you ever send money to Senegal through an electronic fund transfer system? A direct deposit, also known as an electronic funds transfer (EFT), is a digital transfer of money from one bank account to another. These transactions are carried out without the involvement of bank employees. There is no need […]

Expatriates Pump $15 Billion A Year Into Bangladesh’s Economy As Remittance— But At What Cost?

Bangladeshi diasporas send money to Bangladesh to support their home countries economy. Bangladesh’s past is a migration tale. For decades, people in the Bengal delta area have been on the move. The origins of modern labour migration can be traced back to colonial times. Approximately 500,000 Bangladeshis flee the country each […]