How to Save Maximum Amount? Guardians to International Money Transfer

There are various choices to send money to Bangladesh and worldwide. The cheapest approach is determined by the amount being sent, the target country, and the speed at which it must be sent. The best part for senders is that the prices of these money transfers have decreased over time, and […]

What Are the Top International Money Transfer Myths Need to Debunk Earliest Possible?

Are you among the few who still prefer banks to send money to Gambia and worldwide? As high-speed internet connections have become more widely accessible, and customers switch more transactions to mobile devices, digital banking has seen tremendous market adoption. Despite this rapid acceptance, there are widespread misconceptions about online and […]

How Do You Define Pakistan Remittance Initiative? Complete Guide

In mid-2009, the State Bank of Pakistan (the central bank), the Ministry of Overseas Pakistanis, and the Ministry of Finance launched a joint program named the Pakistan Remittance Initiative (PRI) to establish a corporate structure in Pakistan for overseas sending money to Pakistan. This initiative was taken to achieve the goals […]