How Online Money Transfer System Boost Remittance For The Economy Of The Country?

The majority of overseas Pakistanis send money to Pakistan online. Online money transfer service is used for various purposes. Expenses can be paid, money can be exchanged, and account statements can be accessed, to name a few options. Banks also use the internet to disseminate information about new products and services. […]

How Can Gambian Government Get The Best Out Of Diaspora Working Abroad?

Gambian Diasporas send money to Gambia, which aids the economy of the country. In an unexpected move, the Gambia’s state holds the first “Consultative Meeting between the Government of the Republic of the Gambia and Gambians in the Diaspora” in January 2012, through its Ministry of Foreign Affairs, International Cooperation, and […]

What Are The Types Of Electronic Funds Transfer To Choose Cost-Effective Approach For International Payments?

Did you ever send money to Senegal through an electronic fund transfer system? A direct deposit, also known as an electronic funds transfer (EFT), is a digital transfer of money from one bank account to another. These transactions are carried out without the involvement of bank employees. There is no need […]

Where Do Africa Positioned In The Race Of Remittance Among Asia And Other Continents?

Every year, expatriates send money to Nigeria in billions. They were using financial services, especially in Africa, Asia, and Latin America. About 231 million people lived outside their birth country in 2013, according to the United Nations, and migrants from developed countries sent home $414 billion in the same year, according […]

What Are Productive Investment Sectors In Senegal For Low-Mid Size Businesses To Expand Business?

Are you planning to send money to Senegal for investment? Senegal has a well-diversified economy, characterized by a high reliance on imports, a low export rate, and a relatively small domestic market. More than 60% of the workforce now works in agriculture, which accounts for less than 17% of the country’s […]

What Are The Steps Necessary To Be Taken To Increase Remittance To Bangladesh?

Bangladeshis primary purpose of working abroad is to send money to Bangladesh to support the family. Bangladesh has experienced frequent and massive labor migration to other countries since the 1980s, and it is still one of Asia’s most remittance-receiving countries. Remittances, like overseas jobs, have been growing year after year as […]

What Are Dual Nationality Problems In International Investment Arbitration?

Do you know Pakistani dual nationals in abroad countries send money to Pakistan? “Multiple nationalities” refers to a situation in which an individual is considered a resident of multiple countries at the same time. The most common form of various nationalities is “dual nationality,” described as a citizen of two states. […]

How Is Bangladesh Struggling To Keep the Trend Of Remittance Going Upward During Current Pandemic Situation?

Bangladeshi expatriates send money to Bangladesh is increased during covid-19 lockdown due to restrictions to stay-at-home. As compared to the same time last year, Bangladesh’s remittance inflow increased by 50% in March. The high inflow pattern began at the start of the current fiscal year (FY2020-21) but eventually slowed before the […]

What Are The Reasons Behind Ten Consecutive Months Of Remittance Above £2 Billion?

Sending money to Pakistan in a bank account for roughly 86 percent of Pakistan’s secondary income balance, emphasizing their importance for the country’s overall foreign exchange reserves. Pakistan received USD 21 billion in remittances between 2020 and 2021, nearly equaling the country’s total export bill. It is worth noting that the […]