causes of corruption

Corruption could be any immoral act done by anyone that negatively impacts other people. Here, we are focusing on the corruption that is done in the arenas of politics and economy. Corruption damages the overall aspects of a stable state because it has a direct impact on politics, economy, and society which are the key components of a state. Corruption is done through a number of ways and this has grabbed the attention of governments to work on it. There are many causes that contribute to the increasing rate of corruption because it always rises from an array of interrelated factors.

Causes of Corruption

  1. Political and economic environment:

The economic and political environment of a country has a contribution to corruption. Its growth depends upon how economic and political activities are done.

  1. Professional ethics and legislation:

Lack of professional ethics and weak law implementation is one of the prominent contributors to the corruption. The cause also rises because of improper sanctioning against corruption in society. Inefficient administrative systems are also the root causes of why corrupt behavior continues in the hierarchies.

  1. Customs and traditions:

The problem also persists because of the habitual traditions of society. Solutions to corruption can’t be implemented properly because it exists in every class of society.