Choose ACE Money Transfer to Send Money to Ghana

send money online to Ghana

As many money transfer service providers are available to money transfer to Ghana. So why should one choose ACE Money Transfer to send money to Ghana? Let’s find the answer by knowing how convenient it is sending money to Ghana by using its services.

Online Money Transfers by Overseas 

The world has become a global village. And people can connect as well as transfer money across borders and abroad. The money transfer service has become globally available to send money online. The number of providers as well as the ease to transfer money online is increasing with time. Many of the people have also moved abroad for better earning. These people support their families in term s of their expenses. And are working hard to provide them with a better lifestyle. These people send their hard-earned money to their family members. For this, they require sources to send money home. The online money transfer process is very much better and convenient. Therefore, the trend to transfer money online has increased with time.

Why is Online Money Transfer Trending?

Numerous organizations are working to money transfer to Ghana. These companies provide better online money transfer service to the people than Banks. As the process of money transfer is easy and faster, so people opt for online transfer through these organizations. Money transfer online is not burdensome or hectic. And can be performed only through an internet connection. The services of these organizations differ in some respect from one another. The sender can choose the company according to the needs and requirements of money transfer. Some of the reputed and well-known money transfer companies can listen as:

ACE Money transfer is the best online money transfer, service provider. It is the brand name of Aftab Currency Exchange Limited. Aftab Group of companies owns ACE. It is a UK based organization and has its head office in the United Kingdom. It provides excellent experience of money transfer as remittance or funds. Money is transfer as remittance or funds to family members or other individuals overseas.

ACE has the facility to send money from 23 countries. And it transfers money globally to more than 90 countries. It has the lowest fee charges to send money in Ghana. Its exchange rates for money transfer Ghana are also the best. You can get the best money transfer experience via ACE Money Transfer services. And can enjoy every perk of online money transfer via ACE.

Procedure for ACE Money Transfer Ghana

The process to send money to Ghana online via ACE is very easy. You can similarly send money to any other country all around the world. The method of money transfer is straightforward, secure, smooth, safe, quick and fast. The procedure of money transfer can describe as follow:


To enjoy the services of ACE, one has first to become a customer of ACE. And to become a member of the ACE family, you have to register yourself at the ACE money transfer app or website. The process of registration is as follows:

The registration process requires some simple information about the customer. These personal pieces of information include the name, date of birth, address, password, number, and email, etc. One can use an email ID or Facebook account for registration. The registration is the first and essential step to enjoy further services of ACE as a member of the ACE family.

Also send money to other countries like Ghana, India, Nepal, Philippines & Uganda.

Money transfer:

For the process of money transfer, the sender requires to enter some details. These details are about the sender, receiver and the amount, etc. You can also transfer money to Ghana via Facebook messenger. As ACE Money Transfer also utilizes the social app of Facebook for money transfer online. ACE transfers money to Ghana or other countries by an easy 3 step procedure:

Money tracking and History record

You can track your money at any point after making money transfer via ACE. Tracking requires the pin code that the company provides. One can follow the funds at any point until the dough is collected. Money transfer company also maintain the records of the customer in the history section. The customer can check the files and recall the money transfer details.

Pros for sending Money to Ghana through ACE: 

  • The various payment options for money transfer through ACE are available. One can send money through debit cards, credit card or bank accounts
  • The app and websites of ACE also help in operating money transfers along with Facebook. One can also make money transfer through Facebook messenger
  • ACE charges the lowest fee for making money transfer.
  • ACE offers the best exchange rates for money transfer. The exchange rates change in daily so one can check the exchange rates on the website, app or through the Facebook feed.
  • There are many pick-up points available in Ghana to receive the cash.
  • Customer care is available 24/7 for customers.
  • The money transfer through ACE is safe and secure.
  • ACE makes you locate and track your money after money transfer until money collection.
  • The organization of ACE records the history of money transfer made by the customer.


There are many money transfer service providers to send money to Ghana. To send money online to Ghana ACE Money Transfer is the best service provider. It makes the money transfer to Ghana at the lowest fee and best exchange rates. The money transfer is fast, quick, safe, secure, convenient and straightforward through ACE.