Clear You Queries – It’s Time to Send Money to Nigeria 

If you are up to send money to Nigeria using online money transfer service but is having specific queries like

What is the working method of this service?

How is it different from other money transfer services?

What features make it a cut above the rest?

Then you are exactly on the right page. Going through this article, you will surely get the answers to your questions. Just follow us until the end.

Explicating the Concept of Online Money Transfer Service:

Online money transfer service is assisting people all over the world to send money to Nigeria online. The idea of an online money transfer service based on the transfer of data from one place to another using internet service. Whenever you send money online, your money is converted to encoded data and is transfer to the other part of the world within a fraction of minutes. Once the funds reached the recipient country, it is decoded and converted from data to cash.

The Working Method of Online Money Transfer Service:

Money transfer to Nigeria using online money transfer service has become the easiest way to send money as it offers the as easy process. In just a few clicks, you can send money to Nigeria online by following the given steps:

  • Select Nigeria as your destination country.
  • From payout calculator, select payout option, i.e. bank or cash.
  • Select the payout partner.
  • Enter the amount to send.
  • Enter beneficiary information.
  • Confirm the details and add the reason for the payment.
  • Click the pay now and transfer money to Nigeria instantaneously.

You and the recipient will shortly receive a confirmation message and the money transfer to Nigeria will be done within 2-3 business days.

Features Doing Online Money Transfer Service a Cut Above The Rest:

Send money globally considering the following elements of online money transfer service that makes this service a cut above the rest:

Instantaneous Delivery:

Online money transfer service provides prompt delivery of money from one place to another. That is because only data travels, and it takes seconds to move around the globe due to advanced digital technology. Online money transfer has ended the physical complications that one has to face previously to send money globally.

Now, you can send money in Nigeria or to any part of the world where you want by merely sitting on your sofa on just one touch.

Multiple Delivery Options:

Online money transfer company provides its customers with various transfer options. You can transfer money to a bank account to the other part of the world. You can physically approach the near online money transfer service provider or can send money online to Nigeria through a phone call.

Better Exchange Rates:

Online money transfer service provides far better exchange rates than other money transfers services. If you want to choose the best exchange rates among the online money transfer service operators, go for ACE Money Transfer as it provides the best exchange rates on each money transfer.

Minimal or Zero Transfer Fees:

The worst part of other money transfer services is that they take half of your hard-earned amount on the name of the transfer fee. Online money transfer service offers minimal or zeroes transfer fees on remittance, thus allowing you to send all of your hard-earned money back to your loved ones without any loss.

Secure and Safe Service:

Many people leave this option to send money to Nigeria or any other place with the fear that their wealth will be lost, stole or get hacked. Online money transfer provides multiple coding to their data before its remittance, so there is no chance for money loss or hack. Instead, this is the safest and secure money transfer option among all services.


All your choirs related online money transfer services might have ended after knowing the most natural method and confounding features of this service. Now online money transfers to Nigeria without any second thought and avails this fantastic service by using ACE Money Transfer that is the no.1 platform providing online money transfer services for the past 17 years.