Different methods to send money to Senegal

send money to Senegal

Senegal ranked in low-and middle-income countries. The World Bank statistics records personal remittance, received in current US dollars is approximately equals to 2,212,626.70 in 2018. Another report is also given by The World Bank in 2017 that records the Record high remittances to low- and middle-income countries. In those countries, Senegal is the largest remittance recipient and that remittance is $2.2 billion, this ratio is expected to grow by 7% this year. It means that due to the ratio of sending money to Senegal grows Senegal is improving its economic growth. You can find the best online money transfer service to send money to Senegal here.

Online money transfer services to send money to Senegal

Some best online money transfer services are listed below:


TRANSFAST gives you security, convenience, and money-back guarantee. There are more savings for Senegalese by using this online money transfer service. They give you two packages named Value+ and Fastrack to start your transaction. The process of sending money by TRANSFAST is simple. Just give all the info needed and you are able to fund your money transfer by bank, credit card, and debit card. The delivery option given by TRANSFAST is cash pickup. There are 3,600 locations nationwide and you are able to pick your money from your selected location.


WorldRemit is a fast, secure and flexible online money transfer service. They provide you with the facility of bank transfer, cash pickup, Airtime top-up, and mobile money. For the bank transfer, there are approximately 5 banks where you can do your transaction. Those are SGBS, UBA, Banque Atlantique, BICIS and Bank of Africa- Group Bank of Africa. You can pick up cash from any branch of Cofina, Orabank, CashMinute, Intouch, Wafacash, La Poste, and Jalloh Enterprise.


It is the easiest way to send money to Senegal. You can send money through their website and app. XOOM provides you with a fast bank deposit and instant cash pickup. You can money to all major banks in Senegal. Your deposit will arrive next business days when you make the transaction. You can track your money 24 hours a day. They provide you with a money-back guarantee and personal customer service.


Do the faster, safer, money transfers through AZIMO. The best features for your money transfer are fast and simple, safe and secure also they provide customer support in eight languages. AZIMO provides you with the facility to transfer your cash by cash pick up service, SWIFT and mobile top-up. An attractive offer they made that the first two transactions are fee-free. You can pick up your cash on approximately 170 La Poste locations. SWIFT delivery time is 24 hours. And the mobile top-up feature is instant for Senegal.


It is the secure, fast and low-cost service for sending money to Senegal. There is no hidden fee because all the fee detail is on the website. On the popular routes, TransferWise completed the transaction on the same day when the transaction is made. For other methods, it will take 1 day. This is safe and speedy, and convenient to use. Reviews on the Trustpilot are great, they got 9.1/10 rating.

Ria Money Transfer

RIA is one of the popular online money transfer services. It gives you safe and reliable money transfer services. It gives you a $10 welcome bonus. RIA gives you cash pick up and bank deposits services. Their partners in Senegal Ecobank Senegal, La Poste Du Senegal, Banque Atlantique.

ACE Money Transfer

All of the great features you are looking for if combined in one that will be amazing. If you don’t want to use any of them then you can adopt another one.

ACE (Aftab Currency Exchange), a global name specialized in payment services. It is a UK incorporated company that has been operating in the northwest of England Since 2002. It is approved by Trustly, MasterCard, and VISA.

Some great features

Through ACE Money Transfer Send money online anytime with the lowest fee. Their services are safe and secure and provide you with the best exchange rates because they are being able to send money through optimal exchange rates. ACE sends money in seconds and they provide multiple payment options. These options are bank transfer and cash payout.

You can send money in few easy steps. These are Choose Country & Amount after that Choose Your Recipient and that’s it! Send Money around the Globe.

They provide you with the option to Track your transaction for your peace of mind. Besides sending money to Senegal, you can send money to the countries of Africa, North America, Europe, and Asia. ACE Money Transfer gives you the facility of cash pickup and bank transfer

Send Money to Senegal through ACE Money Transfer

ACE Money Transfer facilitates you with the fastest money transfer to Senegal. This is a cheap and secure way to send money to Senegal. Cash will be instantly ready for pickup from any nearest locations of Wari when you made your transaction. This online money transfer service provides you with the best exchange rates and low fees.

Cash pickup in Senegal

ACE Money Transfer instantly transfers your money to Senegal. When you transfer your money to Senegal, cash will be ready to pick up from the nearest branches of Wari.

You can use their app to avail of all the services. Their app is on google play store and app store, and they have got the best ratings and reviews. You can see the daily exchange rates on their website and on the app. If you are registered with them, then you can be able to see the daily exchange rates on your Facebook feed.

Why people choose ACE Money Transfer?

This service of online money transfer is safe and secure. Convenience & Easy to use. The best thing that all people want for sending money online is Low fee & Best exchange rates. It provides you with Awesome Customer Support on every social platform. ACE Money Transfer gives you the highest exchange rates with awesome services. It gives you amazing remittance experience.