Different methods to send money to The Gambia online

send money to The Gambia

The Gambia ranked on the 2nd place as the biggest remittance recipient as a share of GDP, after Comoros. Remittances to Sub-Saharan Africa grew almost 10 percent to $46 billion in 2018, supported by strong economic conditions in high-income economies. The Gambia is also included in them as a strong economy; all these figures are set according to the World Bank statistics. Personal remittance received in the Gambia in current US dollars is 244,937.05 by the World Bank data, in 2018. Personal remittance is still going higher. Do you think that sending cash to Africa, The Gambia by money transfer services is not easy? No, it’s easy by transferring cash through some online money transfer services to Africa. Also, you can find the detail of ACE Money Transfer for sending cash to The Gambia.

Different online ways to send money

Some well-known trusted online money transfer organizations are listed below. After analyzing you can find the best one according to your own requirements.


WorldRemit is a well-known source of money transfer to worldwide online. From Bakau to Farafenni, you can send money easily to The Gambia. The delivery options they offer are Airtime top-up, bank transfer, and cash pickup. If you do Bank transfer to the Gambia your transaction will be completed on the same day. For the cash pick up, your transaction will be completed within minutes. You can send your money over 5 banks to cash pickup. For the airtime top-up, your transaction will be completed within 10 minutes and can send money to the Africell network. They are fast, secure and easy to use.


You can send money to The Gambia at low-cost remittance. They offer two packages named Value+ and Fastrack. For the Value+, your transaction will be completed in 3 to 5 business days and you will be able to pay by bank. For the Fastrack, your transaction is instant to 24 hours and you will be able to pay by bank. Delivery options that TRANSFAST offers are two, which are bank transfer and cash pickup. From the bank deposit service, you can send money to all major banks in The Gambia. There are approximately 12 banks in The Gambia to complete your transaction. Your transaction will be completed in 3 to 5 business days. There are 260 plus locations to pick up your cash. TRANSFAST provides you convenience and security to send money to The Gambia, Africa.


AZIMO is a fast and simple online service to send money to The Gambia. They are providing customer support in 8 languages; it means a huge population using this service. The delivery options they offer are cash pickup, Mobile top-up, and SWIFT. There are more than 20 locations for cash pick up in The Gambia. For the SWIFT, the delivery time is 24 hours. Your money is secure in a transaction to The Gambia. You can download the app for all the services.

XOOM- A PayPal service

XOOM is an easy way to transfer money to The Gambia. The delivery option they provide is instant cash pickup. The recipient is able to pick up the cash at AGIB Bank, Skye Bank, and Zenith Bank. You can pay for your transfer with a credit card, debit card, and bank account. XOOM provides you with customer service. They give you the support of the money-back guarantee.

Another way instead of online transfer

Banks are the famous and well known trusted option to send money to The Gambia. People use it because of the high prices that online money transfer organization offers that the problem is resolved by the ACE Money Transfer organization. You should talk to your bank manager if your bank does so. Some banks do a wire transfer to the Gambia.

ACE Money Transfer

If you are not well using any of the services stated here, you can find another one.

ACE Money Transfer is now to set a global name in remittance. You don’t have to worry about the high fees. ACE Money Transfer is providing you with the lowest fee and high exchange rates. You can send your money online anytime with ACE. It means you don’t have to worry about the time limits. ACE Money Transfer is doing a safe and secure transaction and you can keep track of your transaction by inserting a tracking number in it.

You can send money with some simple steps and a few clicks

  • Choose Country & Amount
  • Choose Your Recipient
  • Send Money to The Gambia

You can send money through the app of ACE Money Transfer. You have to make an account or log in to your account through the app. Your all account details and other activities are visible only to you. The ACE app is available on Google play store and on the app store.

The delivery option that they provide is Cash pick up in The Gambia.

Sending Money to the Gambia

This is a secure and cheap way of transfer money to The Gambia. Because ACE provides you with the best exchange rates and low fees. It facilitates you with the fastest money transfer service to the Gambia. When you create a transaction to transfer money to The Gambia, cash will be instantly ready for collection in any of the nearest locations of Yonna forex.

Cash pickup in The Gambia

Cash pickup service does the instant money transfer to the Gambia. You can pick up your cash instantly from the nearest branches of Yonna Forex in The Gambia.

Why people or customers are loving it?

ACE Money Transfer giving confidence to its customers with some admirable features displayed on the ACE website.

  • Providing you Peerless Remittance experience
  • Highest Exchange Rates with Admirable Services

They also provide you awesome customer support. You can use their service on any device platform mobile, tablet, PC, or laptop, on the website or app. Its environment is user-friendly and convenient. ACE Money Transfer is verified by Trustly, VISA, and MasterCard.