Different P2P Payment Services

p2p payment

Different P2P payment applications have made our lives much easier than before because these services allow you all in one platform where you can transfer your money from your bank account to the account of anyone, or even to the money transfer services like Ace Money Transfer. These applications also allow you to chat with your receivers or senders and let them know about the successful transaction.

Different Services

There are several different types of services that you love to know about. First of all, there is a Cash App. And there is something that you needs to know about this app and that would be that it is made by a really famous brand which is known as Payment Processing Company Square. This app is really convenient and easy to use, as all they require is your phone number, email address, and account number of your bank. After that, you just to leave the rest to them. Besides, they do not charge you with a heavy fee for every transaction, but you just have to pay the 3% of your total transaction, and that would only happen if the amount you are going to transfer is through your debit card.


Besides, it is just the best service for online businesses, as customers can easily send you money with a simple URL. Then next comes Venmo which is another exciting p2p payment service. With this kind of service you just have to provide your complete bank details including debit and credit card numbers if you have those. First of all this service is free of cost, and like Cash app, they will only charge you when the transaction is made through credit or debit card. Furthermore, it also allows you to connect with your friends or the senders in the form of a built-in feature for chatting.