Do Bangladesh transfer of your money

Bangladesh transfer of your money

Bangladesh showed a high peek in remittance in 2018, raised by 15%. According to the World Bank statistics, a total of 15.3 billion US dollars received in 2015. You want to know the best of the way for Bangladesh’s transfer of your money. Most of the money transfer to Bangladesh are from India, UAE, Saudi Arabia, and some other countries.

Percentage and money amount transferred

  • $4.4 billion sent from India
  • $2.7 billion sent from UAE
  • $3.7 billion sent from Saudi Arabia
  • 13 percent from other countries

Some popular ways for Bangladesh Transfer

Banks, exchange brokers, checks and telegraph, and online money transfer organization.

Banks are a secure way to transfer money to Bangladesh. Few banks are charging a huge fee for convert currencies. A typical value of sending money to Bangladesh is 6.6%. This method is very costly for a big amount of money sent.

Exchange brokers are the good choice to send a massive amount to Bangladesh.

Many solutions exist, but you have to compare the rates of the service providers because rates vary in different situations and solutions.

Online Money Transfer Organizations

Western Union: You can send online, send from the app, and send in-person to anyone in Bangladesh. Western Union provides you with the facility to do a bank transfer transaction or cash pickup. Cash will be ready to pick up from several agent locations in minutes.

Transfer Wise: Transfer wise gives you the facility of the bank transfer and cash pick up. They give you the best exchange rates and money will be ready to pick up form the transfer wise local bank. Available payment methods from Transfer Wise are Bank Transfer, Debit Card, Credit Card, and Swift.

XOOM: XOOM provides you with the facility of fast bank deposits and instant cash pickup. It is probably the easiest way to send money to Bangladesh.

World Remit: This is a fast and secure way to send money to Bangladesh. World Remit is a partner with Arsenal. They are flexible to make a transaction from many options.

ACE Money Transfer

If you don’t want to use other methods you can select the other one. People really want that they get all of the services in one. ACE makes their life easy. They are providing the best of all.

ACE Money Transfer is a secure way and flexible way to Transfer Money to Bangladesh. It provides you with the best exchange rates with a low fee. It gives you amazing Remittance experience. Customers choose them because they are safe and secure, convenient and easy. They are giving you the facility to track your transaction for your peace of mind

Approximately 23 countries are there for your ease to transfer money to Bangladesh:

France, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Norway, Portugal, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Finland, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, United Kingdom, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Austria, Belgium, Cyprus, Denmark. ACE is verified by Trusty, MasterCard, and VISA.

You can do bank transfer and instant cash pickup Through ACE Money Transfer.

Cash pickup in Bangladesh

Send money to Bangladesh and money will be ready to pick up on the same day. From different Banks and payout partners of ACE Money transfer which you can find out by contacting or visiting their website.

Bank deposit to Bangladesh

ACE Money Transfer go your bank transfer in the best exchange rates and low fee. The money will be deposited into the receiver account within 1 to 3 business days. This is a secure way to transfer money into any commercial bank in Bangladesh.

You can check the daily exchange rates on the ACE Money Transfer website. And if you are registered with them you are able to see the daily exchange rates on your Facebook feed.