Do You Know How Phishing And Email Fraud Could Be Reason Of Hard Earned Money Lose?

As a Bangladeshi expat, do you ever send money to Bangladesh or, in general, your home country? If you’re concerned about your money’s security when you use an online service, read this article to alleviate your concerns.

In general, sending money through the internet is just as secure – if not safer – than using more conventional methods. However, most reputable providers will advise you to take additional measures for online money transfer to Bangladesh to reduce the risk further.

What Is Phishing, And How To Avoid It?

Phishing is a technique used by hackers to trick you into supplying personal or account data. Hackers steal sensitive data by creating new user credentials or installing malware (such as backdoors) into your system once they have your information. If you receive an unsolicited email from an agency with a connection or attachment asking you to provide confidential information, it’s probably a scam. Most businesses will not send you an email requesting passwords, credit card details, credit scores, or tax identification numbers, nor will they send you a login connection.

What Is Vishing And How One Can Avoid Mobile Scams?

Have you recently got calls from ‘Windows Tech Support’? Since this is one of the more popular vishing attacks – a phone scam that reportedly accounted for nearly 30% of all mobile calls in 2018, the chances are good.

Vishing, as previously said, is an effort to obtain confidential information over the phone. To steal account information or gain remote access to your device, attackers often pose tech support, your bank, or a government agency. To stop being vished, follow these five best practices:

  1. Even if the number appears to be local, be cautious when answering calls from unknown numbers.
  2. Don’t offer personal details over the phone if they ask for a money transfer to Bangladesh.
  3. Using a caller ID app, but don’t place your complete faith in it.
  4. And if you’re on the phone, look up the caller’s phone number online to see if it’s a suspected scam.
  5. If the call is about a product or service you use, check the argument on the vendor’s website or directly call the vendor.

How To Choose The Best And Secure Service Provider Company For Money Transfer?

Money transfer services, also known as remittance services, have existed for as long as people have moved to various countries and needed to send funds home to help their families. In recent years, the remittance industry has undergone considerable transformation and diversification. Those looking for the most efficient way to send money to meet their own and their dependents’ needs now have various choices.

The industry has become much more creative and competitive due to the rise of digital technologies and fintech partnerships. When it came to choosing a money transfer company in the past, there were fewer options; however, there are now many options available like Ace Money transfer to send money to Bangladesh online within few minutes.