Do You Know Some Stats About Pakistan Concerning International Remittance?

Pakistan ranks in the 5th position in the world that receives most of the remittance with $19.3 billion. ACE Money Transfer an online cash transfer organization is here you to serve you to send money to Pakistan. There is a big myth in Pakistan about receiving or sending cash abroad. People think that all of the remittance processes are not transparent with online money transfer services. There is some ambiguity in this. That is not the truth. You can send money with trusted cash transfer services like ACE Money Transfer and others.

What are the Interesting Facts and Figures for Sending Money to Pakistan?

Indeed, Pakistan is one of the largest remittance recipients. One more exciting thing Europe is the largest remittance source for Pakistan. Personal remittances received in Pakistan in the current US dollar is 21,194,000.00. The above statistics are according to the World Bank report in 2018.

In 2017, overseas Pakistanis transferred money to Pakistan amounting to ₨.2137 billion (US$15 billion). According to data released by the State Bank of Pakistan.

Pakistan not only receives but also the most significant source of remittance in its zone. It sends most of its remittance to Bangladesh and Afghanistan with $228 million and $131 million respectively.

What are the Right ways to Send Money Online to Pakistan?

Some of the best cash transfer services to send money online are listed below. You are free to select any of them according to your choice.


WorldRemit is a fast and easy way to send money to Pakistan online. Delivery options that they provide are bank transfer, cash pickup, Mobile Money, and Airtime top-up for Pakistan.

Sending money with WorldRemit

Bank transfer transactions to Pakistan are fee-free. This offer is applied if you send £170 or more. Your transaction is completed within two business days. Also, you can pick up your cash from more than five banks. Those banks are Bank Alfalah, UBL, HBL, Bank Al Habib and Standard Chartered.

Send money to Pakistan for Cash pickup. Your money is ready to pick up approximately within 3 minutes. You can send money through 6 networks. These are Allied Bank, Bank Al Habib, U Microfinance, NBP, BOP, and XPress Money.

You can send money to a Mobile account through Mobile Money. Your delivery is done within 2 hours. 

  1. XOOM- A PayPal service

XOOM is a fast and easy way for online money transfer. You can send money through Bank Al Falah, MCB, NBP, Allied Bank, UBL, and MCB. XOOM provides Bank deposit and cash pickup.

Sending money with XOOM

You can send money to the top pick up location in Pakistan. The available Pickup locations also include Bank Alfalah, UBL, MCB, Allied Bank, National Bank of Pakistan. It is easier, and one can make bank deposits to all banks in Pakistan. Banks for the Bank deposit are Allied Bank, National Bank of Pakistan, Bank Alfalah, UBL, MCB.

XOOM delivers your money fastly. They provide you with customer support.

Another Way to Send Money to Pakistan

Banks are the other way people are using for many years. Some people are still comfortable with it. You have to talk to your bank branch manager if your bank does so. Some banks charge a lot on the wire transfer. But now online money transfer services makes it more accessible and comfortable.

  1. ACE Money Transfer

ACE Money Transfer is one of the best choices to send money to Pakistan. It provides a low fee to many countries around the world. Moreover, it provides you with the lowest fee and the highest exchange rates. Your transactions with them are safe and secure. You can do the transactions and be carefree. ACE Money Transfer provides you with an instant transfer of your money. They offer multiple payment options, whether its a bank transfer, cash pick up, and also online billing.

How You Send Money to Pakistan Through ACE Money Transfer?

  • Choose Country & Amount you want to send
  • Choose Your Recipient to receive funds
  • Send Money around to Pakistan!

You can do the transaction or deliveries through the ACE Money Transfer app.

Sending Money with ACE Money Transfer

Delivery options that ACE Money Transfer Cash pickup and bank deposit.

Cash Pickup in Pakistan

Do an instant cash pickup in Pakistan through ACE Money Transfer. Cash pickup will be ready to pick up from the nearest branches of all commercial banks:

Bank Transfer to Pakistan

Do an Instant Money Transfer for bank deposit to Pakistan with the best exchange rates and lowest fee. The receiver’s account is credited instantly subject to valid bank account details and accurate transactions. You can see daily exchange rates on the website and the ACE Money Transfer App. Note that Business & Foreign Currency Accounts are not being entertained for bank deposits in Pakistan.

Would You Like to Know More About ACE Money Transfer?

Download the ACE Money Transfer app through App Store and Google Play Store. They have friendly customer support and resolve all the problems of their customers. They provide you with the highest exchange rates and excellent remittance experience. All the great features ACE Money Transfer providing make their company grow.

What is the Guide for Transferring Money to Pakistan Through Online Methods?

In this era, most of the people work away from their home and also their countries. In addition to this, people also need business dealings with partners in different countries like Pakistan. Now everyone wanted swift money transfer for the family remittance or for doing business. Some people prefer traditional methods for business activities and different remittances, but these are often expensive in money transfer. Usually, they offer exchange rates that are below the market exchange rate and become the issue of currency fluctuation. Thus, they are not always right in currency exchange rates. Moreover, the online transfer is best to send money to Pakistan and anywhere you need.

Online money transfer is good in currency exchange. Three following points are here that will help you to make an online transfer. You can easily send money if you follow these points.

How to Choose a Money Transfer Company to Send Money Online?

First of all, you compare different money transfer companies that are providing their services both in your country and Pakistan. To send money online, you can use various tools available on the web or the internet. These tools are comparing the services of different companies and providers based on the transfer fee they charge on transaction and currency exchange rates they offer and give you the best option for making an online transfer. These operators tell you the exact amount the beneficiary will receive in Pakistan. After comparing different money transfer companies and providers, you need to choose the best provider for making your transfer.

Is Speed of Transaction Matters in Money Transfer?

The second one is that what should be the transfer speed that is provided by the company. Make sure the transactions are quicker in transfer speed. How much amount do you want to send? What is the nearest branch to the location of the beneficiary in Pakistan? These are the questions that often comes in mind.

What is the Importance of Currency Conversion Rate?

The third point is to check the currency exchange rate while making online money transfer to Pakistan . And make sure that the currency conversion rate is beneficial for your transaction. Even the currency exchange market is unforeseeable, but you can monitor it by researching.

After considering all the above points, finally, you can start sending money to Pakistan easily.

Sometimes you have to pay high currency exchange rates because you are unaware of regular charges. But comparison makes things easy for you and your transaction. If you are making money transfers, it would be better to be careful from hackers. Only pay for services you are taking form the company. You can also consider ACE Money Transfer for making fund transfer. It is a trusted website for transferring money to Pakistan. It also has a convenient mobile application and website. Try their services to make transfer online money anywhere in the world.