Do You Want to Send Money to Ghana? Follow the Guide!

Ghana is a country located in Western Africa. Ghana was the first place in sub-Saharan Africa where Europeans arrived to trade — first in gold, later in slaves. It was also the first African nation in the region to achieve independence from a colonial power, in this instance Britain.

Ghana is Africa’s second-largest producer of gold and the world’s second-largest producer of cocoa. Economic Trivia of Ghana is; the services sector accounts for 50% of GDP. And for trade; top 3 Trade Partners of Ghana are: India, China, and South Africa.

What are the Different Ways to Send Money to Ghana?

Top three Exported Goods from Ghana at a large rate are; Precious Stones & Metals, Oil & Mineral Fuels, and Cocoa. Top Industries in Ghana that are helping its economy to build are Mining; Lumbering; Light Manufacturing; Aluminum Smelting.

Also send money to other countries like Ghana, India, Nepal, Philippines & Uganda.

1: Send Money to Ghana Through Bitcoin:

Although there is some disagreement between agencies on bitcoin’s precise classification, bitcoin is legal in Ghana but there are some local laws that complicate its use and purchase from certain exchanges. But it is an easy way to send money to Ghana. Thus, the sale, exchange, or purchase of goods with Bitcoin is allowed by law.

2: Send Money to Ghana Through Bank:

Usually, the bank is going to be the first stop for international money transfer to Ghana. All I need is a bank account. The bank will guide through the process. In Ghana, all reimbursements to foreigner’s sanction to be approved by the Ghana International Bank.

Money transfer is usually done through Plc. The downside is the fees; the cost can be fair or high depending on the service. It can take a few days for a transfer to go through.

3: Directly Bank Transfers

The bank is the most traditional and trusted way to money transfer to Ghana or anywhere. But not in more practice nowadays by migrants. Bank charge high fee for sending money internationally, you can say it is a good option but only for domestic money transfer.

Because banks offer you the reduced exchange rate, most of the money got deducted before it reaches to your recipient. The only option that banks offer to send money transfers money to your recipient bank account.

With all the cons you adjust to send money to your recipient account through banks, you will face some other matters. Make sure you and your recipient using the same banking network to send and receive money.

Otherwise, it will cost you more than usual. Also, it is hard to find a bank that has branches overseas, especially in your recipient country. If the banking network you are using to send money online, not in use by your recipient to receive money, then the transaction will cost you more than usual.

4: Send Money Online to Ghana:

If the bank doesn’t offer bank-to-bank transfers, then sending money online to Ghana is not a tricky task anymore due to the ACE Money Transfer. It’s the best option for sending money online.

It provides the best services. It will transfer money in moments. ACE is a fast, simple, helpful, secure and suitable way of money transactions, making transmittal and doing other transactions using a mobile phone.

Send Money to Ghana Through Money Transfer Services:

Send money overseas using an online money transfer service like ACE.

The fees with ACE depend on the following portions:

  • Where you’re sending from
  • Where you’re sending to
  • How you send Ace the money
  • How the recipient receives the money

I can provide money in any form I like. ACE transactions are easy, comfortable and immediate. ACE provides multiple reimbursement options. ACE is a locked and easy way to send money quickly online to Ghana.

Procedure Of Online Money Transfer

ACE money transfer provides you with an instant cash pickup and bank transfer. Send money online with peace of mind. ACE enables you to send money globally online, 24/7, to beneficiaries in 94 countries, and that too from the comfort of your home.

Did you ever know? Ghana is of the country that is attracting employment seekers all around the world. There are multiple ways to help you send money to Ghana. But here you will find the most authentic ways to do that.

According to the Times of Ghana, there is a massive increase in outward remittance. But Ghana government implies many policies to stop illegal transfer of funds. According to the Times of Ghana in its publications, decreasing expatriate numbers brought about due to the current Ghana policies adopted by organizations have led to a significant dip in remittances sent home by expatriate residents in Ghana.

Money transfer providers

Using money transfer services is the most significant trend today. It helps us to throw money at a low cost than banks. Not only that you will get a higher exchange rate. One more thing to learn, there is no way that you must send money to another money transfer provider.

But you may use banks to send money to your recipient. Also, there are many ways to send money to Ghana online and your recipient that may include cash pick up or bank transfer. You can also pay through many options.

What to do to send money to Ghana

First of all, find a trustworthy service to send money to Ghana. You will not face any problem in the completion of the transaction. Because every money transfers face problem according to the government policies to regulate currency in other countries.

What to look for in a money transfer service?

When selecting a money transfer service, make sure it is giving you the best price to send money to Ghana as all the money transfer services should not offer you the same transaction fee.

You can have it by selecting a reputable money transfer service. You must have the highest exchange rate to send money to Ghana. The highest exchange rate means the currency exchange rate. If this exchange rate is according to the market, then you are getting the best exchange rate.

Customer service is the most desired thing a sender wants. Customer service must be available 24/7. Usually, you can get customer service through many methods like email, live chat and call.

The process to send money to Ghana

First thing first, you must register yourself to a desired money transfer provider. You must create an account on the best online money transfer app or website. Usually, it is free to create an account with them.

  • Choose Destination Country. It means your recipient country; where you want to send.
  • From the Pay-out calculator, select pay-out option, i.e. Bank or Cash. It means you can send in both ways.
  • Select Pay-out Partner that is the nearest present to your recipient.
  • Enter the amount and send money to your recipient. You will see after the deduction of how much amount your recipient will get after the deduction of funds.
  • Enter Beneficiary Info, while entering the recipient’s information make sure it will begin as accurate on their official documents

As your transaction initiated, you received an email. This email confirms that you begin this transaction. Also, it contains some extra info about the transfer.

Also, as a sender, you can track your information by just inserting the transaction code on the service provider website.

Make sure to send some information to your recipient like transaction code and other. So, that if your recipient wants to know or verify about the transaction.

As money reached the destination and picked up by the recipient. Money transfer provider information to the sender the transaction process complete

You can initiate transaction not only the website but through the money transfer provider’s app. The app is a handy solution to send money to Ghana online to your recipient. Also, it will inform you via notifications.


Banks are not an excellent option to send money to Ghana. But you can say that they are not very restricted by the government laws to move money from one country to another. But all the cons remain in its place. But the lovely news is online money transfer services help you to get out of the problems.