What are the drawbacks of E-Commerce?


E-commerce has brought easiness to life by bringing the market place to home. Discussing the negative side, e-commerce has a number of disadvantages that can bother the users one way or another.

Possible Draw Backs

  • There is no personal approach between the retailer and the buyer. The declining trend of personal touch among people inside the market system can prove itself to be the greatest drawback of e-commerce.
  • If you are shopping online you’ll surely have to wait until the product or the service is delivered. The only exception is for e-products like electronic books, music file, purchasing tickets, etc. Otherwise, for other goods you’ll have to wait and sometimes the waiting time can extend in case of any delay.
  • E-commerce doesn’t allow you to experience the making and quality of the product before deciding to buy it. The only thing you see is a picture and some description. Sometimes people receive damaged goods which are a total waste of money.
  • Online website development has become so much common these days and that is why everyone makes one. There is no guarantee if a genuine person is making it. Reliability becomes an issue here.
  • Online purchasing demands your various information like credit card number, mailing address, name, occupation, etc. This information could be hacked and used for illegal activities. Security is at risk.

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