January 20, 2020
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Economic globalization is not just related to economies all around the world. It has various other impacts as well which can be seen as the tools of cultural change in various societies of the world. Economic globalization is not just the name of trade or international transactions but it is also related to how social culture is changing day by day.


Economic globalization can be called as a tool of cultural diffusion. It allows the world to share resources in order to run trade systems for the exchange of goods and services. Through trade, various goods and services from foreign can be availed through emerging electronic systems. The role of the internet and other media communication systems have a huge role to play in this regard. People use different products that are not made in their home countries. The services that an individual avails in a foreign country like the US; UK, etc can also be availed in your own country. For example, Food services like McDonald’s and KFC are the leading Multi-national countries operating all around the world. These Multi-nationals countries are the medium through which new cultures and ideas are emerging in societies. In this way, cultural values and traditions are diffused in societies.