Features of Successfully Send Money to Pakistan from UK

Most of the people from Pakistan go abroad to earn money. According to the world bank, in 2019, Pakistan ranks on 8th with remittances of $21 billion. If you are a Pakistani living in the UK, you must find a perfect money transfer service that helps you to send money to Pakistan from UK with great features.

There are some great features that you must count on your fingertips for a successful way to send money online. Let’s have a look at them:

1. Security:

Most of the people hesitate to send money online because they heard some stories of online data-stealing. Their fear is right but not true. Picking up the right money transfer service will ease you in this case.

ACE Money Transfer service implements security protocols and standards and deployed the best security system. In this case, your data, privacy and money remain protected.

2. Performance:

Checking a service’s rating and reviews will help you to find out how well they are performing in their field. When it comes to ACE Money Transfer that is helping migrants to money transfer to Pakistan from the past many years and trusted worldwide. They offer its service in many different countries and over 1 million trusted users. They offer unmatchable great remittance experience and provide a competitive exchange rate.

More to say, they have a positive social media image and win everyone’s heart who uses their service.

3. Service coverage area:

The main considering factor is the service coverage area for you and your recipient’s comfort. It indicates how easy your recipient will pick up money in their country. It means if you transfer money to Pakistan from the UK money transfer service must have numerous money transfer locations across the country.

4. Fee/charges:

Cost on online money transfer is a major factor that customers look for to have the lowest one. Sometimes they pick one and encounter additional or hidden fees.

But ACE Money Transfer service helps you to get rid of these by offering you to pay a minimal fee. You do not need to pay additional or hidden charges. Also charges only applied to one end.

5. Mid-market exchange rate:

Find out a money transfer service that offers you a great or higher exchange rate. Usually, money transfer services did not offer the best exchange rates at a lower fee. But ACE is going to provide you the best rate on your money.

6. Transfer ways:

Having multiple money transfer ways will make you help your recipient if they are in need. You can help them by sending money in a better suitable way for you.

Cash pickup: In this method, your money will be sent to the affiliate money transfer cash pick up location to your recipient. It is fast so your recipient can easily pick up in minutes.

Bank Transfer: Your sent transaction will go directly to your recipient bank account. They can easily withdraw it from the bank.

7. Payment ways:

Having multiple payment ways help you to pay for your transaction via various ways if you are not able to pay through one. Let’s find out about the payment option to send money globally through a money transfer company.

Credit card

Debit card

Online bank transfer



8. Customer service:

Customer service is a great factor that pulls customers to use their service. ACE Money Transfer offers you spectacular customer support via email or live web chat through the web or you can also use the ACE money transfer app to send money globally.

9. Is it easy to register yourself or create an account for availing service?

ACE Money Transfer offers you to create an account within 5 minutes. The need for an internet-connected device is a must.

Go the ACE Money Transfer website or download the ACE Money Transfer app

Update Information (Personal Data, Address, etc.)

If you face any ambiguity or difficulty while creating an account. You can freely contact with ACE Money Transfer Company.