FinTech & Its Security (Threats & Solutions)


Financial technology, commonly known as FinTech, has emerged as the technological innovation in the finance sector. FinTech has changed the ways of financial activities and has made them easier and convenient. Many other opportunities like trading, online shopping and selling, online transactions, money transfer, and investment opportunities are introduced in this field. For banks as the biggest financial institutions, FinTech has paved a better path for services and efficiency.

If you are connected to any financial institution by any means, you surely are concerned about the security of your information, data, assets, money and business. Security threats could be found anywhere for both organizations and individuals.


  • Your bank account data could be hacked.
  • Your money can be transacted without your consent.
  • Your digital wallet can be hacked for payments by hacking your digital wallet account.
  • Banks can face serious problems of data losses.
  • Software breakdowns can erase the history of transactions and bank accounts.


  • Keep a strong password for your bank accounts.
  • When choosing to make a money transfer, always go for a well-known app like ACE Money Transfer App.
  • Banks should never share their data with unauthorized individuals.
  • Banks should install the best software systems.
  • Never share unnecessary information with your business partners.