Gambia Fundraising Event in Birmingham UK

ACE Money Transfer has been growing rapidly, and from time to time they have been growing their area of services which includes a huge growth in the continent of Asia. In a recent fundraiser event for the Gambia, which ACE Money Transfer has participated in, held in Birmingham? The Gambia is basically a small country in the continent of Africa which is not rich economically but they are rich in culture, and the best ecosystem that you will experience in Africa. If you are looking to send money to Gambia, this is no more an issue. WIth ACE Money Transfer, everything seems possible.

Diverse Culture

They have a huge wildlife preserve in the form of a Bao Bolong Wetlands Reserve, and the second one of Kiang West National Park. And these two preserves consist of several wild animals with safety. So Ace Money Transfer participated in that particular fundraising event and met several people from that country to start their services at a very affordable and low rate. Representatives of ACE guided them well about the advantages and use of remittance money services. And that is how Ace has become the
first money transfer to operate in the Gambia at very cheap rates.  The transfer fee for all transfers will always remain the same which is 1 pound and that is for sure in benefit for the Gambia.

Best Service

After that, the online money transfers will always be done within minutes and the receiver will be able to receive their cash form any pickup points of Yonna Forex. Besides, there is no trouble for the security as well because money will be transferred through the secure system of ACE Money Transfer who always keep the money of their customers safe. Besides if you will get yourself registered then even you will receive a daily report in your Facebook for the exchange rates of the Gambia which is, of course, the best service.