Get a Chance to Win an iPhone 11 Pro every Week

iPhone 11 Pro

Have you been dreaming of getting an iPhone 11 Pro?  ACE Money Transfer provides you with an excellent opportunity to make this dream come true. Well, it is obvious that every other person wishes to own the iPhone since it has been released. As now all you need to do is to use the service of ACE Money Transfer and send the money to your loved ones all around the world.

How to Register?

If you are a first time user then, first of all, you need to get registered which is really simple. After that, you are all set to transfer your funds to your family or to your friends around the globe. Now you might be thinking that in this whole process how exactly you will be going to win an iPhone 11 Pro? So the answer is simple as well. Whenever you send money to your friends than with every transfer you raise your chance to win the iPhone.

How to Win?

At the end of every week there is going to be a lucky draw which could make you a winner. But just in case if you are unable to win this week, then there is nothing to worry. You can again get a chance to win an iPhone next week as well. But remember this offer is just valid till 31st of December. So hurry up, and do not lose your chance to get your hands on lavishing iPhone 11 Pro.