Global Money Transfer Services

Global Money Transfer Services

Money transfer has been made easier because of all the global money transfer services online which allow you to send the money anywhere in the world. Money transfer can be needed for many purposes and it even helps the people with online businesses because this way they can trade internationally and receive the money in exchange of that with by the help of the online money transfer services. There are many different online money transfer services that you should know about.

Get to Know them

Comines all these online money transfer services cover all the globe and that is exactly why you should know about them. You can also make the transfers from banks accounts but that usually takes time and that is not feasible for the people with the online businesses.

Following are some of the online money transfer services all over the globe with their pros and cons which will help you decide if you should consider that service from your personal use or not.

Western Union

Western union is a name known well for the online money transfer. The western union is so popular because it allows you to send money to more than 200 countries and have many different currencies in which you can send money. You can send money as fast as you want to with the help of western union and you can find its agent in almost any country.

The minimum range of the transfer is as low as $1 which means you can instantly send even much smaller amounts of money which most other companies don’t allow. But you should also know that western union is also quite expensive so if you are looking for some cheap service then you should consider something else like ACE Money Transfer.

Money Gram

Money Gram is another one of the popular money transfer services that allow you to send the money in almost 200 countries. They also have their agents’ widespread all over the world and these agents will help you sort out any doubts that you have with the online money transfer and they also help you through the procedure. The only thing that doesn’t feel right about the money gram is that they don’t allow you to send more than $6,000 and the transfer has only to be made into the dollars.

World Remit

World Remit provides the diverse way of sending the money you can make bank to bank transfers, cash transfers and they also have the money transfer online services that allow you to send the money while you sit at home. If you have a small business setup then this money transfer services will be enough for you because you can send the money I the range of $1 to $2000.

The transfer fees vary depending on the country you are sending money to and that includes any of the 120 countries this company allows you to send the money to. You can send the money very easily in just three steps and you can also make the airtime transfers using their services. But one thing that does ring right about this online money transfer company is that the fee of the transfer increases when your transfer amount increases but it is something you can easily manage. Electronic transfer money using a mobile device, computer, and smartphone with banking payment app. Internet banking, contactless payment, financial transactions around the world.

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Transfer Wise

Transfer Wise is basically a money transfer website which makes it even easier for you to transfer the money because you don’t have to transfer money by going to an agency of the company near you. Transfer wise can also up to 36 million dollars of transfer and as minimum as $1 so you can make huge transfers very easily, neither thing that completely sells this company to people is that its fee is only $1. You can also use the application of this company to transfer money in a few taps and the apps are available for both Android and IOS as well.

XE money transfer

If you are working abroad and wants to save some of your money in the account that you have in your own country then XE is the money transfer service for you. You can make the transfer to that bank account and can send the money in the foreign currency. This is a money transfer service that you can trust completely and transfer can be made in 3 to 5 days at the most.

RIA money transfer

RIA money transfer service is provided into 130 countries and you can make the easy money transfers and can also get some advice from the experts which is something you will need when you are making huge money transfers. The online price calculator that comes with the RIA money transfer makes sure you know what to expect and that service charges are reasonable when it comes to the RIA money transfer. If you are not able to pay more for the service charges then money transfer services like ROA money transfer and ACE money transfer are the answers for you.


Xoom money transfer is a money transfer service that allows you to transfer money in almost 39 currencies and the conversion rates by this company are so low. You can make easy money transfers and the best thing about this money transfer company is that you can get the refund if the money transfer service doesn’t go well and is not on time.


PayPal is a name that is so popular when it comes to online money transfer and payment companies. You can pay for anything using your PayPal account and you can also make both, the personal transfers as well as the cash in exchange for a purchase. The purchase protection that comes along with PayPal is what that makes it so tempting.

So these are the money transfer services that works all over the globe including the ACE Money Transfer and using these services you can send money to almost anywhere in the world but knowing the pro and cons about them will help you make a better decision.