Global Remittance Event 2019 – United Kingdom


Promoting the Legalization of Money Remittance through Online Channels 

Aftab Currency Exchange Private Limited widely recognized as ACE Money Transfer hosted the highly enlightening GLOBAL REMITTANCE EVENT in Manchester, UK on September 22, 2019. ACE Money Transfer is a global partner of several banks and financial institutions around the world. What distinguishes this event from the rest is that it took place in the home country. The perspective of organizing this event was educating the participants with Anti Money Laundering topics – all the way to systems and methods for reporting suspicious activity.

ACE Global Remittance Event


Enlightening the importance of secure and profitable growth

The prominent attendants include Mr. Usman Dar (Special Adviser to The Prime Minister of Pakistan) and special guest, Mr. Abid Chohan (Lord Mayor, Manchester). Usman Dar expressed his views about strengthening remittance Industry. He stated that home remittances have been vitally important for emerging economies like Pakistan. Moreover, Mr. Dar appreciated the contribution of ACE Money Transfer in home remittance growth, and also acknowledged their superior remittance services to the customers.The organizers comprehensively described the importance of home remittance services. With the presence of company’s organizers, the major aim of this event is to drive secure and profitable growth through digital channels. This successful event also brought together an extensive number of stakeholders, who are participating actively in building the future of ACE Money Transfer and their valued customers.  Faisal Nawaz Khan had been nominated for ‘Agent of the Year’ award. There was a lucky draw, in which another agent Mr. Mirza Atta Ur Rehman was the winner.

Aims to provide the best remittance solutions with the ever-changing requirements

The initiative of GLOBAL REMITTANCE EVENT is to achieve the objective of facilitating and supporting the efficient, cost-effective and convenient flow of home remittance. ACE Money Transfer is always at the forefront in providing the best remittance solutions, tailored to meet the ever-changing requirements of customers. Moreover, the event helped in creating investment opportunities in Pakistan for overseas Pakistanis, living in the UK, and different countries of Europe.
Many developing countries struggle with different challenges, as their economies are far behind to digitalization. Home remittance is the right solution for quick money transfer services. All the attendants were highly encouraged and satisfied that this event was a significant step to understand how to move money to different countries of the world.

The list of respectable attendants includes:

Guest Name Designation
Usman Dar (Chief Guest) Special Adviser to the Prime Minister on Youth Affairs, Pakistan
Abid Chohan Lord Mayor – Manchester, UK
Ch. Muhammad Ilyas Senior Leader – PTI, Pakistan
Babbar Wajid Head of Product Management – JS Bank, Pakistan
Dr. Zafar Iqbal Head of Home Remittance Department – JS Bank, Pakistan
Naveed Nasim Group Head – FI International & Home Remittances, CIBG – Allied Bank, Pakistan
Faisal Rashid Head, Financial Institutions, Home Remittance & International Business – Bank Al-Falah, Pakistan
Bilal Asghar Group Head – Corporate Investment Banking and International Business Group – Bank Al-Falah, Pakistan
Sheriffo Touray  Managing Director – Yonna Forex, Gambia
Albin Maelum Account Manager – Trustly, Sweden
Aaron Morley Primary FX Dealer – Privalgo Ltd, UK
Matthieu Barral SVP Sales Europe –, UK
Maxime Colas Business Development Manager Europe –, UK
Thira Pornpaditkong Business Development Manager – Kapook UK Ltd, UK
Visit Prawattyothin Business Development Manager – Kapook UK Ltd, UK
Ahmed Elbashir Relationship Manager – Corporate Banking – BFC Bank, UK
Chris Akerele Business Development Manager – BFC Bank, UK
Giancarlo Gasparini Director – Euro Exchange Spain, UK
Luis Gasparini Director – Euro Exchange Spain, UK
Bilal Zia Director – Ethnic Market Research, UK
Daniel Biggs Founder and Managing Director – Privalgo Ltd, UK
Kulsum Kapadia Solicitor – Knights Law Solicitors, UK
Karafa Jobarteh Foreign Exchange Officer – Central Bank Of Gambia (CBG), Gambia
Qamar latif Country Head – ACE Italy
Talat Mahmood Business Development Manager – ACE Italy
Babar Ali Country Head – ACE France
Saqlain Hussain Country Head – ACE Germany
Khizar Hayat Khan Country Head – ACE Netherlands
Tauqir Ahmed Branch Manager – ACE Norway
Burama Judama Branch Manager – ACE Sweden
Aftab Ashraf Bhatti Country Head – ACE  Spain
Muhammad Tanveer Choudhary Country Head – ACE Greece
Syed Sibt Bukhari Super-Agent – ACE Germany
Sukhi Srivatsan Global Head of Sales – Bit Pesa, UK
Anslem Oshionebo Director – Ping Express, USA
Richard Askey Audit Manager – DTE Business Advisers, UK
Richard Beard  Audit Manager – DTE Business Advisers, UK
Ahmed Zeb  Audit Supervisor – DTE Business Advisers, UK