Good Exchange Rates are Ideal For Sending Money to Philippines

Earning Money Abroad and staying away from your family? I can understand! It’s simply not an easy job. In that hard time, Your all efforts paid off when your family received your money on time safely. This is a story of one of the expat from Philippines.

Initially when I came to Germany I had a lot of problems while sending money to Philippines.

I would like to suggest everyone that you should use specific companies for online money transfer rather than older transfer methods. Because it charges you a lot more as compared to remittance providing companies and gives you very less exchange rate as compared to the intermarket.

When it comes to remittance providing companies, we have a long list, that provide worldwide money transfer services. There are some well reputed companies when we talk about home remittance services, for example ACE Money Transfer.

You can choose any of them but in my personal opinion, ACE Money Transfer is providing good services for home remittance to the Philippines. Their transfer fee is very reasonable with good exchange rates. As we know that security is one of the most concerning matters in online remittance, so whatever company you choose just make sure it’s worth reliable.