Online Money Transfer – A Trend Helping Expats to a Wide Extent

Your spouse in an urgent need of cash, and all of a sudden you have to send money to Senegal in the mid of your job. What would you do then? Knowing using websites or apps means you can fulfil your responsibility within minutes. No matter you are working in the United Kingdom, […]

Online Money Transfer – Gaining Popularity!

To approach and grab better opportunities, a lot of people move to European countries leaving their families behind. They eventually need to make online transfers back to their families. As new companies are joining this field, the competition to capture more customers is becoming more tough day by day. That’s a […]

Reasons Why You Should Opt For Online Money Transfer

In the modern era, finding a suitable job that helps one earn a handsome salary is hard. There is a lot of competition in the market and the jobs are a lot less as compared to the number of people looking for one. Given this situation, many people have to opt […]

Impact of Online Money Transfer on Global Scale!

Let’s face it! COVID-19 pandemic is not entirely over, but we have to live with it. No matter your favourite shops are open or not, online is a term that always comes in mind in the current situation. Expats are getting rid of hassles of going to local money transfer companies […]

Remittances Keep On Flowing Despite COVID-19 Pandemic

Life, in its reality, is so tightly connected to the basic elements of nature. Isn’t it? Let me help you think like that as well. When you see the basic elements of nature that are Earth, Water, Fire and Air, there is a certain flow about them. A consistency in keep […]

Zero Fee on International Day of Family Remittances

What is Remittance? The most common and understanding way to define remittance would be “The transfer of money or goods by migrants back to their friends and families across the borders, from one country to another.” The International Monetary Fund (which is the principal provider of remittance related data) provides two […]

Online Money Transfer Trends: How People Use Money Transfer Apps?

Just consider yourself in a dining out scenario with your friends, and the bill arrives. Usually, you would split up the bill. Everyone will reach to their most convenient method of paying. Some would pay in cash, and some would toss up their credit or debit cards. But there is a […]

Send Money Through Bancontact from Belgium to Any Country in the World

Diversity is the key to success these days. Be it the example of England’s Cricket Worldcup winning squad last year or Belgium’s outstanding unit at FIFA’s Football World Cup. We can take many examples of diversity proving to the key to success in many options of life. It can be the […]

Send Money Through Giropay from Germany to Everywhere

It is always convenient to have options in life… isn’t it? You feel stuck at one place, but access to other routes makes you feel comfortable at any time. Having multiple options to pick from your favorite food place always leaves you with a sense of satisfaction. After all, this gives […]

Send Money Online with Zero Transfer Fee!

Humans…!!! They are distinguished from other animals for having emotions, empathy and an ability to experience and realise what others are going through.            “The purpose of life is not to be happy. It is to be useful, to be honourable, to be compassionate, to have it […]