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Sending money to Nigeria, you may be looking for different money transfer methods through which you can send money online to home quickly without any hassle. Still, we know you are in great confusion before selecting the best money transfer service that is both convenient to you and your recipient. Online money transfer […]

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Most of the people from Pakistan go abroad to earn money. According to the world bank, in 2019, Pakistan ranks on 8th with remittances of $21 billion. If you are a Pakistani living in the UK, you must find a perfect money transfer service that helps you to send money to […]

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According to the World Bank study, the Philippines stands as the second-largest country among Asian countries when talking about remittance ranking. Overseas Filipinos send $34 billion remittances yearly thus raising the country’s economy by contributing 10.22 percent of total GDP. All this fast remittance is done using a fast remittance service […]