August 24, 2019
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Individual Human Rights

Individual human rights day is celebrated on 29th August of every year. This day is associated with the great philosopher John Locke. He was an influential Enlightenment thinker who invoked the thought of well-being and worked for basic human rights. What distinguishes him from the rest is that he devoted a major part of his […]

14th August – Independence Day of Pakistan

With the arrival of 14th August Independence Day, all those memories of the formation of Pakistan relive in the memories of the elders, and same way youngsters try to make this day as special as they can by decorating houses and streets. Moreover, on this eve several Pakistanis living abroad try to send money online […]

Manchester Career Fair

ACE Money Transfer is one of the world’s leading money transfer service that has been operating more than ninety countries around the world. And obvious with such a huge success they are not going to stop anytime soon which means that ACE Money Transfer will continue to expand their services in many other countries as […]

Zero Transfer Fees in the Money Transfer

Zero transfer fees in the money transfer basically are the scam and to understand it better you need to understand the online money transfer system better. Online money transfer has brought great ease in our life and we can deal with almost any matter that is related to the money with the help of the […]

Zero Transfer Fees for the Money you Send Sent

The online money transfer system is used widely used nowadays for the money you send, sent money is often more than received at the other end and that is because of this zero money transfer scam. Online money transfer is used a lot because it is easy and with the help of it you can […]

Yahoo Finance – A Top Rated Finance Website

If you are looking for Analytical finance solutions then for sure Yahoo Finance is just the thing that you must be looking for. Nowadays many youngsters are looking for ideas to make money, and for those who are interested in banking or stocks trading then for them, this service by Yahoo is the best one. […]

Worldwide Money Transfer Online

Sending and receiving money from one country to another was always a problem until or unless this Online Money Transfer was being introduced. Still, there might be several among you who are not aware that how exactly this online money transfer feature works. Well as it is obvious by the name that with this service […]

Worldwide Money – Access Worldwide with the Online Money Transfer System

The Internet has made the lives so much easier and not only have it made the lives easier as it has also made the distances shorter, Now you can do anything almost across the world while you are sitting at the other corner and all due to the blessings of the internet. You can handle […]

World Bank ranks ACE Money Transfer as second best for UK to Pakistan transfers.

ACE Money Transfer Company is achieving a high rank among many of the well-known money transfer companies in the world. With reference to the official website of World Bank, ACE Money Transfer is the second best money transfer company to send money from UK to Pakistan. According to the statistics published on the website, the […]

Wire Transfer – Online Money Transfer Service in Detail

Online Money Transfer is as much necessary as any other basic necessities of life. And there are more than hundreds of different methods and companies that are used to carry out this specific process. Now each one of these methods has its own plus and minus points. Well, it depends on your requirements that which […]

Why you should go for Online Money Transfer?

Business is all about sending and receiving money from clients or paying money to the suppliers as well. And especially when you are running a multi-national company, then there will be a lot of international transactions as well. Of course, not you, neither your clients nor suppliers are going to wait for that long to […]

Why you need Latest Exchange Rate?

Many people just research for the currency exchange much before when they have to travel actually, but actually to know about the Latest Exchange Rate is as important to book your plane ticket. You must remember that whenever you will visit any agent for currency exchange then he will always try to take you down […]

Why Using Public Wi-Fi During the Online Money Transfer can be Dangerous for you

We all are very much aware of all the dangers that people have to face due to the internet and being hacked is one of them. People can get into your system with the help of the internet and can hack your personal information and may use it against you. The cases where the money […]

Why Use Legal Companies to Transfer your Money

Doing everything in your life in a legal way should be important even when it comes is to transfer your money. You can make money transfer by a lot of the illegal networks as well buy even though that will help you save some amount of money but with it, you may also have to […]

Why Use Apple Pay

If you are aware of the company Apple and the services they provide along with their software then you must have listened about Apple Pay. By the name, it is no mystery that what this Apple pay actual does because a lot for the online money transfer companies like ACE Money Transfer also gave such […]


Third world countries are categorized as the developing nations which are still in an ongoing struggle for development according to the recent definition of the third world. These countries are comparatively less developed in terms of their economic, political and social conditions and are facing high rates of poverty and unemployment. The global power structure […]

Why Someone does Need a Currency Converter Euro?

Right now you must have several bills in your pocket, but how can you tell its price compared to Euro? Well, the Currency Converter Euro is here for that purpose. Every day several different currencies are being exchanged at Forex Trading, and every day different currency bills are changed to bills of other currencies, and […]


Sending and receiving money is a matter of a few minutes in this age of electronic money. Money transferring has never been this easy. With the development of digital banking and online apps, money can be sent internationally easily without leaving home. Due to the increasing trend of sending and receiving money, many companies have […]


No doubt, today Pakistan’s economy is facing many problems regarding its economy. Poverty and inflation rates are showing a dark future for Pakistan. But hope is still there because of a resource like remittances. Pakistan is receiving about $2 billion remittance funds every month and reports are showing further improvements in the future. Pakistan is […]


Around 10 million Pakistanis are working abroad in different countries like Saudi Arabia, the US, UK, Kuwait and other Scandinavian countries.  A significant increase has been seen recently in the amount of money coming into the country as remittances. In October 2018, remittances sent by Pakistani workers working overseas increased by 21%, amounting $2 billion dollars […]


Technological advancement has made living easier and convenient. One of these conveniences is digital payments; a way through which electronic money is used for purchasing goods and services. People only need a credit card through which they can make payments anytime, anywhere. Doesn’t it sound so much convenient? Of course, it does! Now you don’t […]

Why Online Money Transfer is Best for You?

Are you working abroad? So it is obvious that you would require to send money back to your family every now and then. But due to Online Money Transfer, this is not a problem anymore. Even if you do not have any bank account in that country still you can transfer your money anywhere and […]


In the present era, people are highly relying on money transfer companies because it is the best way to send money to a place far away from where your loved ones live. The greatest beneficiaries of money transfer companies are those who are foreign workers and their families. Today, plenty of money transfer companies are […]