Homesickness – How to avoid it while living in a foreign land?

Do you agree that tension is the mother of all diseases?

One of the biggest worries expatriates from developing countries such as India face in a foreign land is the tension that grips them. This tension has many dimensions such as work, money, distance from your loved ones and being out of your comfort zone in the middle of an entirely strange land. One of these tensions is the safe and secure money transfer to India. This tension is, of course, taken best care of by a credible online remittance company ACE Money Transfer. 

But, this is not all that troubles the Indian expatriates in a distant land. All the tensions stated above come together and result in an un-detachable feeling to an expatriate life – homesickness. 

There is hardly any expatriate who has not complained about homesickness. You will learn about it in detail in this piece, along with the preventive measures that you could take to avoid feeling homesick. But, first, you need to see a few crucial reasons people go to other countries in the first place. 


Reasons to go abroad and send money to India online

Many reasons push the people of India out of their country, but we will throw light on a few important ones. 


Rampant poverty in India has an iron grip.

The people of India, like many other developing countries, have always been in the iron grip of abject poverty. There are many reasons behind it, such as unfriendly economic policies, concentrated wealth in a few hands, a halted economy, etc. This poverty makes it hard for the majority of the people to put food on tables, let alone do other things. Therefore, these people, not all of them, somehow manage to travel to the West and particularly to the UK, to find work and earn remittances. 

Then they send money to India online through UK’s and Europe’s top online money transfer company, ACE Money Transfer. 


Unemployment clouds hover over the people and never waft away!

The people of third world countries come across unemployment almost forever, no matter what degree they possess or what course they have studied. They keep applying for jobs as and when they open. And ironically, there are cases where engineering graduates have applied for the posts of security guards due to rampant unemployment. Therefore, these graduates go to foreign lands and find work. 


Quality education in India is a luxury for many.

You will hardly find quality education in India. And where you do, you will find it to be costly and out of your financial strength. On the other hand, the education you can afford has no quality at all; low quality or high quality comes when the quality exists in the first place. Therefore, Indian expatriates go to Western countries given the best quality education at a relatively lower financial cost. 

With these primary reasons that make people go out, let’s now try and understand what homesickness is and how to counter it. 


Understanding homesickness

Homesickness is a feeling of severe depression and anxiety that an expatriate can have. It results from being away from the familiar people, places, environments you are familiar with and loneliness. Homesickness can also result from exiting your routine and comfort zone and entering an environment that is sharply different to the one you are used to. 

Other factors causing homesickness include: being unable to understand the new environment as adapting to it comes later after you have understood it completely; new culture, unfamiliar cultural norms and practices, etc. 

It does not go away quickly. And instead, if you are unfamiliar with it, you can expect to pay a heavy psychological price for it. 


Let’s now take a quick look at the effects of homesickness. 


Effects of homesickness

A few essential effects of homesickness are briefly discussed below. 

Homesickness triggers loneliness

Of course, as an expatriate, you go to another country alone. Therefore, feeling lonely at an average level is understandable. But, homesickness increases your feeling of loneliness. Since you are away from your loved ones and amid strange people, you begin to feel as if there is no one in the world for you to connect to. 

Homesickness triggers lethargy

You likely feel lethargic. And despite that, you may be physically way too active; your mental laziness renders you useless, at least for a fair amount of time, if not more. 

Homesickness disturbs focus and concentration.

It is to state the obvious. Of course, imagine you want to sit down to work in an effort to have a sharp focus but your loved ones, friends and the moments you spent with them and left behind keep flashing in front of you virtually. In such a scenario, will you be able to gather the necessary concentration and focus? Your guess is, of course, as good as ours! 

Homesickness renders you demotivated.

The biggest fallout of this depression is that you feel deeply demotivated. You will be unable to gather the courage and essential motivation to get up and move around to adapt to the new environment.

Homesickness also increases anxiety about international money transfers.

In your home country, India, you do not have to worry about online money transfers. You can deal in cash safely and securely. But, imagine you have to send your hard-earned money to India online from far away. And you are not sure about the security of the transaction already. The deep feelings of homesickness will intensify this feeling of an insecure transaction. Albeit, the world’s best international money transfer services offered by ACE Money Transfer has rested this anxiety of the Indian expatriates. But, this is indeed a factor attached to homesickness. 

Now, let’s see a few tips to deal with and ward off homesickness. 

Tips for dealing with and warding off homesickness

Here are a few tips that you can follow to avoid feeling homesick.

Discover new places

Find time to discover the places you have not had a chance to visit so far. And then make a list of such sites. It should not end here. Surf the net to find out more about the places whose list you have created as it will set you agog to visit them. 

Decorate your room like the one decorated back home

This can also help you feel at home. Of course, the stuff you will decorate your room with will be new and different but the order of those such as bed, table and chair, etc., will give you a satisfying and homely feeling. 

Do not spend too much time with family and friends back home initially

This is one of the essential tips. The more you spend time with family after landing in a foreign land, the more time you will take to adjust to the new settings. Therefore, it is admissible that you try not to connect with your family way too much in the initial days, if not for a longer time. 

Avoid social media for some time.

It keeps you connected with your family and friends. Social media also helps you conjure up your memories. Therefore, avoiding it for some time will help you cope with homesickness. 

Start writing your feelings down.

Psychological rough patches are a definite outcome of feeling homesickness. And of course, you have no one to talk to in a foreign land. Therefore, try to write your feelings down without twisting them. Be regular with this habit. You never know if your homesickness driven write-ups turn out to be best-seller someday in the future!

Let your creativity out of the cage.

Reluctance in writing is understandable. If you do not feel comfortable in writing, you must take out your feelings in painting or music or any other talent and creative skills you naturally have.

Meeting new people is difficult but meeting them is a must

Of course, it will take a lot of effort and courage to meet new people to connect with them on a long-term basis. But, this is a bitter pill, if you like, that you will have to take to ward off your homesick feelings. 

Learning new languages is always exciting.

In a distant land, try to learn a new language regardless of whether that language will serve you in any way. It will expose you to some exhilarating moments to help you relax mentally.

Learn something new daily

Make it your aim that you will learn something new daily. This will keep your brain engaged, and you will not find time to feel homesick in the first place, let alone overcome it. 

Exercise is the best therapy.

In normal circumstances, exercise will help you get rid of the depression and anxiety you have due to any reason. Doing exercise in a new place is always exciting and satisfying. But the only condition is consistency. 


Homesickness is a natural phenomenon that Indian expatriates face while living in a distant land. And overcoming it can be difficult, but of course not when you have completely understood and followed the tips in this write-up with unwavering commitment, consistency and enthusiasm. 


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