How a Bangladeshi can easily open a bank account in the UK?

Either you are thinking of moving to the UK or have arrived there just now, at some point, you will need a bank account. In the past, having a bank account opened in the UK was quite hard if someone was new in the country. But these days, it has become a lot easier now. A bank account is also the best way to send money to Bangladesh.


What documents do I need?

To open your UK bank account, you will need two documents. The first one to prove your identity and the other to prove your address. This applies to both the branch and online. Proving your identity is quite simple. You only have to have your passport, driving license, or ID.

You will also have to prove your address by giving another document. Every bank has a specific list of documents that are acceptable as proof of your address. These include:

– A tenancy agreement or mortgage statement

– A recent electricity or a gas bill

– A recent that is a 3-month-old bank or credit card statement that is not printed off the internet

– A current or council tax bill


Most of the expatriates from Bangladesh prefer online money transfers to Bangladesh rather than visiting banks for money transfers.

How to open your bank account in the UK?

If you don’t have proof of address, you can still open your bank account in the UK. If you are new here, you will not need any of the documents in the list given above. Luckily, in the past years, banks have become more flexible in what documents they will accept as proof of address.

There is also one other way. If you are in the UK for your education, many banks will accept a letter from the University from the admission office confirming your address. Most banks will also accept a letter from the Jobcentre confirming the national insurance number or even the letter from the employer, as long as it has less than three months old.


Before you leave for UK, you have to go to your bank and ask them to change the correspondence address to your UK address. You might also be able to do this through internet banking. Money transfer to Bangladesh from the UK through digital finance service providers is the most convenient way if you have a money transfer app.

Once you have changed the address, ask your bank to send a bank statement to the new address by post, and you will have a document that gives your UK address.

If you don’t have the proof of address in the UK and require an open account, having a multi-currency might be the right choice. You may give proof of address from your standard list of documents and give verification online.


Can you open an account before you reach the UK?

Your home bank might be able to set up an account for you if it consists of a correspondent banking relationship with the British bank. Most major UK banks also have so-called international accounts. These are designed mainly for nonresidents, so they are just the right option if you don’t have the documents to prove your UK address.

You may even apply for an international account online as well. But opening a bank account from abroad or an international account. These are mainly designed for non-residents, so they are a great option if you do not have the documents to give your UK address.

Opening a bank account from abroad or an international account might not be the right option for you. You will have to make a huge initial deposit and commit to paying in small amounts of money each month.

So now you can start a bank account and find the best way to send money to Bangladesh online.