How A Magnitude of Methods Helps You Send Money?

Nigeria has a significant proportion of migrants working in different countries. For fulfilling the diverse needs of people, a multitude of channels is available to send money to Nigeria. Some of the most commonly used methods are explained here.

Are Money Transfer Companies and Banks Easily Available?

In Africa, the number of international banks and physical locations for MTOs is lesser, which makes it difficult for people to receive their payments. According to research, people in Kenya have to travel for a minimum of 90 min to reach the nearest bank. For solving these issues, doing online money transfer to Nigeria is the top-recommended solution.

Online Money Transfer is providing high-quality services in all over the continent of Africa. The process for transferring payments is straightforward; any layman can easily follow that.

  • Enter the transferrable amount and the country of the beneficiary
  • Enter the necessary details of the recipient
  • Proceed by clicking on “Send” and note your exclusive Shipment ID.

If you are making simple transfer money to Nigeria, then it will take 3–5 business days only. However, our immediate services can help you in regulating the funds within seconds only. After a successful transaction, both the sender and the receiver are notified through their primary contact methods.

What is the Significance of Wire Transfer?

If you have to transfer payments on an urgent basis or if you are trying to send a considerable amount, then wires are the best solution. It is by far the safest and most reliable method for regulating business, charity or investment transactions. A money transfer company allow its customers to send money to Nigeria online too. You do not have to visit the location for applying a wire physically.

It takes only a few minutes until your payment reaches the recipient’s account. You do not have to wait for several days. Thereby, wires are better for catering to your urgent needs of the transfer. If you are transferring payments from the US, you can get a better exchange rate as compared to other currencies. The process for sending money through money transfer services is also simple, which takes no more than 5 minutes at our platform.

  • Fill the pre-wire application online.
  • Enter the country (of the beneficiary) and the amount(to be sent)
  • Proceed by clicking on “Send money online.”

The payment is sent within a few seconds only!

Which Money Transfer Option Is Better?

Both wires and online money transfer to Nigeria have their importance. The best option for any person depends on his/her needs and requirements. For remittances, simple online transfers are preferred than wires. By pre-scheduling your remittances, you can quickly get the best rates. However, for people who have to transfer massive amounts or who have an emergency, a little higher fee is also bearable. In that case, wires are more recommended. Thereby, before selecting your transfer channel, it is necessary to do a brief overview of every available option.