How ACE allows Ghanaian nationals to send money home easily?

Do you ever think about how ACE allows the Ghanaian nationals to send money home? This article will be your guide to understand what techniques  ACE uses to ensure that the Ghana expatriates send money to their country in an easy manner. 

In this article, we will throw light on a set of questions which if left unanswered, could land you in confusion and wonder about the easy ways to send money to Ghana with ACE. We, at ACE, have made it easier, cheaper and convenient to send money to Ghana

Here is a list of steps you need to take to set the process of sending money online in motion. 

Register:- Just create an account with us or sign up if you already have one. We have made this process simple and customer-friendly. We extend a hearty and warm welcome to you once you begin the process of registering with us online for you to become an ACE family member. This process of registration will take less than a few minutes even. 

Recipient’s details:- At this point, you are required to enter the correct details of your beneficiary and the one you are sending money to.

Amount:- Enter the required amount you are going to send.

A final look:- It is highly recommended that you take a look at the information you have added including the recipient’s details and the correct amount of money to check for errors etc., and to be on a safe side and also before proceeding with the transfer.  

Hit transfer:- At this step, you will hit send to  transfer and the recipient will receive the funds. 

This is all it is going to take with ACE Money Transfer!

Now, let’s take a look at the easy ways ACE Money transfer offers  its customers designed for the convenience of its customers.

Web Portal:- All you need to have is a mobile phone, a tablet or a computer to get the money transferred to Ghana from the middle of your comfort zone through our Web Portal, which you can access through our website.

ACE app:- For convenience, our customers ACE has developed a mobile app whose usage is uniquely simple and user-friendly. You can send money to your loved ones in Ghana in just a few clicks on this app.

Airtime:- ACE makes it extremely convenient to send airtime to a loved one residing in Ghana and prove how much you care for them. This airtime sharing with a loved one in a distant land can spread big smile on the face of the recipient if done instantly!

Mobile wallet:- ACE also provides the facility to send money to people in Ghana through a mobile wallet which is an easy and quick way to transfer funds. You are required to provide your name, phone number with international dialing  code and address to send money. And both the sender and the recipient will be notified via an SMS alert.

Let’s now look at how many viable options the recipient has to collect money through in Ghana.

Cash pick:- The first option ACE offers is the instant cash pick up of the money you have sent. This you can do by a physical visitation to any of the branches of the banks we work in collaboration with. The recipient is required to present original CNIC and a 14-digit pin to collect money.

Bank transfer:- ACE is connected with a vast network of banks as well as online money transfer companies spread across Ghana from where our customers can collect the funds they have been sent after proving their identity and necessary requirements in order to be safe and secure. ACE Provides Fast & Free Online Money Transfer To Ghana

The names of ACE’s affiliate banks and companies are as under:

  1.     Tigo
  2.     Aittel Money
  3.     MTN
  4.     Wari Ghana
  5.     United Bank of Africa Ghana
  6.     First Atlantic Bank Ghana
  7.     Bank of Africa Ghana.

Conclusion:- By now, we have clearly understood how ACE has eased and  created convenience for its customers to send money to their homes in Ghana if they happen to be Ghana expatriates. ACE Money Transfer is delivering globally with optimized service quality.