How ACE Money Transfer Protects Your Money from Online Hackers?

ACE Money Transfer is a trusted platform used to send money globally by millions of its customers. At the platform, they are aware of securing their customers from all hacking attempts. Whether it is money transfer to Nigeria, Gambia or any other country, there is no need to worry. Thereby they have taken the following steps to make sure that your payments reach their destinations without any additional barrier.

1.     Latest Security Systems

The online money transfer system is deployed with the most reliable security tools, leaving not a single chance for someone to break into their policy. Their personnel are expert at what they do, and all of the transactions are seven days for suspecting even minor unusual activity. All of your details are secure with end to end encryption which means no third party can break or read the data.

2.     Complex Firewalls

Hackers sometimes create replicas for trusted platforms and then use it for stealing payments and other valuable information from the people. They have built complex firewalls that are impossible to break. When you send money online, through their company, they promise you 100% safety. All of the details are highly confidential.

3.     Authentic Source For Texts/Email

Using any local source such as average phone number or email is very easy to be fooled. People may contact you from unknown numbers impersonating the company. Thereby, they take full responsibility for this, and they have their developed systems for contacting their precious customers. They follow a proper channel and design which helps you in differentiating from any scammer immediately.

If you ever receive an email or call from a person who claims to be working from the company, double-check with their website first. They don’t contact their customers from local sources, thereby report any such case immediately, and in no time, their whole team will be on it!

4.     Aware Of The Situation, Every Time

They have hired active employees to gain situational awareness and check if anyone is stealing the brand name or design to fool people. They have the most effective reporting and customer care departments to make sure that no one tricks or cheats on their valuable customers.

How to Send Money Online with High-End Safety?

Ace Money Transfers has a vast network which covers almost all of the African regions. They care about all remittent who work hard to support their families; thereby, they have provided you with a safe transfer process along with the cheapest rates. No matter you want to send money to Nigeria or any other country, follow the below-written primary steps.

  • Enter the amount that you want to send
  • Enter the country/state/area of the beneficiary
  • Enter the details of the beneficiary such as Name, Number & IBAN.
  • Complete your Transfer.

Moreover, they give you the highest exchange rates, so when you send money from the US, you will get maximum returns against the transferred currency.