How ACE Money Transfer send money abroad instantly: A step-by-step guide

send money abroad instantly

ACE Money Transfer is the smartest way to send money abroad instantly, as soon as possible in a secure mode. We have introduced a quick way for those who live abroad, working, employing or doing business there.

With ACE Money Transfer, you will find Fair Fee and Best Exchange Rates comparative to others.

To check how it works with ACE, please read on:

1. Check our Exchange Rates and Fee:
Visit ACE Money Transfer Homepage, check out our best possible exchange rates and fair Fee system on the main page. You don’t have to register yourself first to see the Exchange Rates and Fee for your desired country to send money online. After checking the Rates and Fee you can tell us how much money you want to send and where you want to send it.
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2. Sign up for Free and send Money:
It’s free to sign up with ACE to send Money online. You can use our services on desktop, mobile application android & iOS.
We might need to have you verified via documents for the first time, which can be Photo ID & Address ID.

3. Confirm for us where your transfer is going:

Confirm us to whom you are sending your money to, along with their details to receive cash payments and their bank details to receive payment in their bank account directly. You can even send money to yourself or someone else.
As we mentioned earlier, your receiver doesn’t need to have an account with us. The receiver needs its bank account to receive a money transfer.

4. Pay for your payment:

You can pay for your transfer by using your Debit or Credit card or your local bank account to send money online. Payment method options will vary from different countries.

5. Leave the rest to us:

Our latest & smartest technology links the bank accounts in countries all over the world. Once we have done with the Money, we’ll confirm the estimated time when your Money will arrive instantly.

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If you have any queries, please visit ACE FAQ’s section.