How an Non Resident Indian National (NRI) Send money to India from abroad?

Do you want to send money to your home country? If you are an Indian National and want to send money to India, we can help you. To send money to India online, you will have to have the following data updated at your recipient when collecting funds in India.

Valid photo ID:

This should be one of the following:

– National ID

– Passport

– Driving license

– Residence permit or other kinds of government-issued ID

Quote Cash Minute and 11-digit transaction reference number:

You will notify your recipient by email and SMS when funds are ready to be collected and send the transaction reference number. Please quote this when collecting and funds.

First International Bank or OG Financial Services:

– Valid Photo ID: This should be one of the following

– National ID

– Passport

– Driving license

– Residence permit or other government-issued ID


Quote World Remit and reference number for an 8-digit transaction:

Using email and SMS, we will get you and your receiver notified when the money transfer to India is ready to get collected and forward a transaction reference number.

Valid Photo ID:

– National ID

– Passport

– Driving permit

– Voters

– Card

– Residence permit


How to receive money in India?

When you send money to India online or through our affiliated agent, your friends and family can pick up cash payments easily from our payout partners

 Ways to send and receive money in India:

There are many ways to send and receive money in India easily, but these will greatly depend on the provider you pick to use.

Ways to send money to India:

Making a transfer to India may be simple if you look for the right channel to send money to the country. There are many options available, the top of which are as follows:

– Bank to bank transfers:

Most of the transfers to India are coming from Europe, the US, Australia, and Canada. If you live in any of these countries, you may use your bank to transfer money to the US, Senegal, Nigeria. If you live in any of these countries, you may use your bank to send money to your family and friends in India.

For example, if you send money from the UK, you may use EcoBank to send money into the country. Using the bank with a presence in the host and destination countries may be beneficial as it reduces the cost of sending and ensuring that your transfer arrives quickly.  Banks such as HDFC Bank. Union Bank of India. Punjab National Bank etc., are the same of the top 14 banks in this country that you may send money to. Many bank transfers may cost you between $30 and $40 per transaction, and the exchange rates are marketed to about 5 to 7%. When you add these costs to the time, it takes to send you a transfer, and you might find it perfect to consider other options, including online money transfer.


Online money transfer:

Money transfer companies that include WorldRemit, Azomp, and ACE Money transfer are some of the most commonly used providers for online money transfer to India. They give you an easy process of sending money as all you have to sign up for the money transfer account and then pay for your transfer. Based on the provider you pick; you may pay for your transfer in any of the given ways:

– Bank transfer

– Direct bank debit

– Credit card

– Debit card

Now you can send money to India online with ease and quick service.