How An Overseas Sent Money To Bangladesh Due To The Sudden Outbreak Of Corona Virus In The State?

Here is a story of an Overseas Bangladeshi.

I have been living in the UK from the last ten years, while Bangladesh is my home country. I migrated for work, but now I am a citizen here, and my family hasn’t stabilized financially, so I have to send money to Bangladesh normally. However, along with all other states, when corona’s pandemic had an outbreak in Bangladesh, I became immensely worried.

How I Took Precautionary Measures and Transfer Money?

The standard steps taken around the globe include wearing masks, using sanitisers and avoid going out of the house. Due to the sudden increase in demand, the prices for these things went sky high. I called my father, and he told me that all of the offices are shut down due to which many people are not getting their salaries. My brother was also not paid for the last month due to which the finances at home were disturbed.

They didn’t ask me for any money, because they knew that the situation is the same everywhere. I had some extra savings, which I immediately decided to send to my family. Thereby, I started looking for services in the UK, which were providing money transfer to Bangladesh at cheap rates.

Why I Tried ACE Money Transfer?

I was looking through the top-10 operators of Bangladesh, and there I saw the name of ACE Money Transfer. I opened their website and did a quick overview. But I was confused if they were still providing services or not. So, I contacted their customer support which replied to me immediately:

Luckily, they were still letting their users send money to Bangladesh online whenever they want. Many things captured my attraction at their platform, and I would like to share some of them with you.

  • They were providing help during this time by offering the cheapest transfers.
  • The charity and donation payments is being regulated at transfer fee starting from as low as 0$.
  • Their exchange rate was maximum, which helped in getting a high return against my currency.
  • Their money transfer service is available 24 hours and seven days. They were working round the clock so that people from every timezone can transfer their payments.
  • There is an option to track shipments so that we can see if any of transfer is delayed or received in a normal way
  • Amazing customer reviews. Their most reviews are good, which proves their high-quality services.

Sending Payments

After doing satisfaction, I sent my payments through ACE Money Transfer. Within two days only, the money proceeded. There was no extra hassle during transfer, and every precautionary measure was taken. I am delighted with the services of ACE Money Transfer, and I will surely recommend it to everyone else looking for an efficient IMT provider during this difficult time. For the online money transfer to Bangladesh, their services are highly reliable and recommended.