How can ACE Money Transfer save you in this Pandemic Situation?

                Do you ever think about how to send money to Ghana on a mobile wallet? In this article, we will look at how ACE Money Transfer helped its customers save themselves and others from getting infected by the coronavirus.

Coronavirus revived its memories, from the start of this century when it broke out in the year 2002, but it was more like flu and passed unnoticed, with striking again towards the end of 2019 in Wuhan (a Chinese territory) and took the government of China by awe and surprise and then its jungle-fire-like spread worldwide affected the entire world in a manner the likes of which we have hardly seen before.

This time the virus was more lethal and highly contagious. Of course, medical science finds cures for diseases once they appear instead of conducting research in anticipation. The same applied to Covid-19 for which medical science began the research after it did the rounds on international media, but in the meantime, the one cure it came up with was prevention!

People around the world were told to exercise social distancing and stay indoors, which completely halted the economic wheels both national and international and it turned out to be catastrophic for the poor who form the majority of the global population.

Here, the need for digital payments for money transfers to Ghana and worldwide arose. People began to look for ways to keep money moving while following the SOPs.

In this scenario, let’s see how effective ACE Money Transfer was in helping people keep their money moving while they stayed indoors.

ACE Money Transfer has set in place a mobile app for its customers, which is easy to install and use. Through this app, customers can send money to Ghana online in a mobile wallet or anywhere worldwide without having to go out by compromising the SOPs and running the risk of getting infected since coronavirus is very much present still.

Through this app, ACE enables its customers to even send money which the recipient can collect in cash which is a feature other mobile apps hardly offer.

Let’s take a look at some of the features of the ACE mobile app.

Save time:- The mobile app ACE has launched can be set up quickly which saves time;

Reliable:- An embedded feature in this app is the transparency it offers to the users with reliability;

Safety:- Money transfers through ACE from its mobile app are the most secure and safe. Despite the fact that millions of people use the ACE mobile app, there are zero complaints so far regarding the security and safety of funds and money;

Send from comfort zone:- ACE Money Transfer allows its customers to transfer funds from the middle of their comfort zones while staying indoors, which is one of the basic and most important SOPs one has to follow to avoid getting infected;

Bend according to your need: – ACE Money Transfer app offers easy and flexible modes of payment;

Low fee: – ACE has a low fee and service charges for online money transfer to Ghana and other countries which is lower than the rest of the online money transfer companies and conventional remittance services;

Digital wallet: –  The ACE app also allows its customers to transfer funds through electronic or digital wallets.

Conclusion: – Covid-19 pandemic wreaked worldwide havoc and inflicted economic hardships on the people across the world but ACE Money Transfer has played its due role in ensuring that people stay indoors, maintain social distancing, still be able to make payments and receive funds, send money to Ghana mobile wallet virtually to keep the financial wheel moving even during these stressful times.