How Can I Check My Child Support Payments Online?

how can i check my child support payments online

How can I check my child support payments online? For all those who want to know about the payment of their kids’ support, this article will be helpful you can the answer to many of the repeatedly asking questions.

Method for checking:

Whenever you want to send the payment for your child then you should choose the account which is suitable for you. After that, you should choose which of the method is suitable for you. You have a wider range of options. You can choose e-smart, master card and you can choose whatever you like most. Moreover, in response to this, you can also check the debit card as well. After selecting the option you can proceed to transfer by following the NY website.

After sending the transaction the next step comes is that you can again log in to the website. From there check the selected account and then you can find the details. It will allow you to check the proceeded amount and do the confirmation of the amount transferred. If the custodial –parent will transfer then it will be done quickly otherwise for a noncustodial parent it will require some time to have proceeded.

International transfer:

If you are in any of the countries where the currency format is not suitable as per your requirements then you should welcome to ACE Money Transfer. This will help you in exchange and from there you can even transfer to your account. After that, you can transfer the amount and then for more you have to follow the same procedure. That is how it all works for the people. The international transfer is also the same but for confirmation, you may get some time. That is the best method for checking through the website for the parents.