How can Online Money Transfer to Nigeria Change your Lives? Story of A Nigerian

Just like me, a lot of people from Nigeria leave the country to pursue their dreams, grab better job opportunities. This practice has been a part of a lot of people’s lives for ages now. Sending money to Nigeria in a large amount is one of the reasons why many of us move abroad.

Moving in an estranged land, starting from scratch, and then settling in a new environment is not easy and is also filled with challenges and difficulties. Some people go alone so that they can settle themselves in the new environment, and then they would call their families in.

How did I Start my Research for money transfer?

I am a part of this practice. I got a great job opportunity from Germany. I accepted the opportunity and moved away from the country. I left my family behind because I wanted to save them from the struggles and difficulties of settling in a new and estranged environment.

I started my job, and the whole settling in the process began. After a month, I had to send money to my family. I did not know about online money transfer to Nigeria. I had to opt for a bank transfer system. I investigated about the whole process.

I had to go to the bank in person, wait in long queues, and do a lot of paperwork to complete the lengthy process. I thought everything might be worth it as long as the money is being transferred. But the money took a few days to get transferred, cleared, and received by the recipient.

I got frustrated and annoyed by it. I asked a compatriot about it, and he told me about the online money transfer. Also, I did my research about it, and the pros and advantages of online money transfer stunned and impressed me.

How Was My Experience with Online Money Transfer?

Next month I tried online money transfer. Before opting for the online money transfer service provider, I read the reviews and checked the rating. Those reviews suggested that the service providers were giving out satisfactory services and people were happy about it.

I started the procedure. I checked the website. Then I clicked the sign-in option and then created an account. I made sure my password was strong enough so that the chances of hacking were decreased. I linked it with my bank account.

Entered the recipient details making sure that recipient details were correct and there is no mistake, and there is no blunder. Before I sent money to Nigeria online, I checked the exchange rate. It was relatively high, and I knew it was the best time to transfer money online.

What Are the Pros of Online Money Transfers?

The exchange rate was mentioned on the website, so even the checking of the exchange rate was easy. After checking the exchange rate, I added the amount. I rechecked every detail I had entered to make sure that no blunder is made.

I checked the transfer fee. The transfer fee was zero. Well, that surprised me. Then I read and comprehended the terms and conditions and then clicked on the agreed button.

There was no waiting in long lines and no paperwork. It resonated well with my routine, and my family received money within 24 hours. For a money transfer to Nigeria, it was no doubt convenient.