How can Pakistanis save money while living in the UK?

                Do you ever think about the easy way to send money to Pakistan? This article will walk you through the ways in which you can save money while residing in the United Kingdom. This article puts particular emphasis on the ones hailing from Pakistan and leading an expatriate life in the UK, but an important point to note about these ways is that they are universal and can help you save money regardless of what your country of origin is and where you live.

One of the basic confusion expatriates faces is to think about ways and apply techniques to save as much money as they possibly can for money transfer to Pakistan. After all, the purpose of living away from your loved ones dies down if you are unable to send back financial support.

Before we move on to the ways to save money after moving to the UK, it is appropriate to take a brief look at the difference between UK Pound Sterling and Pakistani Rupees.

Currently, one Pound Sterling equals 221.17 Pakistani Rupee.

It would help if you kept in mind that the United Kingdom is one of the most expensive places to live in the world. And if you wish to reside in London, you will find it more expensive than many other cities worldwide.

Now, let’s take a quick look at how you can save money if you live in the UK.

Help yourself:- When you live abroad, you find it tempting to just call in help to fix a leaking tap or a broken bulb holder. These and many others are the small issues for which you look out for external help without realizing that outside help costs you dearly in a foreign land and that fixing these yourself can be of help in terms of saving money.

Travel in coach:- Another important way to save money is to always travel in coaches which are cheaper and connect all across the UK. Travelling by plane can cost you if you have heavy baggage, but coaches help you save money despite having loads of baggage.

Cut bills back home:- If you pay a monthly bill for, say, a gym or a monthly magazine subscription and keep paying it after you have moved out of India to the UK, cut those bills immediately. Don’t worry! You can have a gym or magazine subscription in the UK too.

Open account:- Make sure you open a bank account as soon as you settle down in the UK because, otherwise, you can end up wasting a lot of money on wire transfers each time you need money to buy things you need along every step of your expatriate life.

Avoid cars:- Owning and using a car in the UK can be expensive. Fuel prices are high, roads are congested but the public transport is good enough for you to be careless and use public transport for commuting.

Book in advance:- Book your train tickets well in advance – the earlier the better. Tickets spike up as the departure date and time draws closer. You will find tickets awfully expensive if you just turned up at the station to purchase tickets. Book your tickets in advance on the National Rail website. Send money to Pakistan online rather than going to the bank for money transfers.

Connected accommodation:- Accommodation in the UK is expensive. There are not many cheap deals for renting or purchasing a property. So, if you find one, act fast. But beware! Look for places which are viably connected with other parts. Otherwise travelling and commuting to and from your residence can cost you heavily every month.

Switch utilities:- If you move into a rented apartment or flat, talk to your landlord and check which utility services the previous tenants used. Search for other service providers, draw comparisons and switch your utility providers if possible which will save your cost of living.

Conclusion:- By following these ways, you can save huge amounts of money while living in the UK, no matter if you belong to Pakistan or any other country in the world. Online money transfer to Pakistan can be increased by following the above tips in an expensive country like the United Kingdom.