How can small investors invest money in Ghana?

Do you think about how to send money to Ghana? In this article, we will throw light on how people with little capital can invest in Ghana.

Ghana is a Sub-Saharan African country suffering from many issues including poverty. This pushes many people out of the country to find better opportunities in other parts of the world. Many of Ghana’s people live in Senegal and receive mobile money there.

But besides, Ghana’s rampant unemployment has left its graduates to look for jobs desperately which forced them to search for business opportunities by keeping in view the needs of Ghana’s people. Here is a list of areas you can invest in with small capital in Ghana.

Driving cab:- People keep moving around, and the way roads are getting congested coupled with safe parking issues, people in Ghana prefer to use taxis and cabs to move around. Therefore, it takes a little investment to buy a car and register with companies like Uber and Bolt. You can even rent one and begin working as an entrepreneur. The good part is these companies have rating mechanisms. The higher you are rated, the more people will want to use your services. Money transfer to Ghana for investment always needs thorough research.

Catering:- Ghanaians are fond of some really good food. And if you trust your cooking skills, you have a potential opportunity to enter catering services right in front of you. It requires the least investment because you are good to go with the cutlery you already own.

Poultry farming:- It takes little capital and effort to start and run a poultry farm. Ghanaians are fond of meat and eggs. You can start small by selling meat, eggs or even chicks in Ghana and all of this will require little effort and small capital.

Tuitions:- Many school-going students find mathematics and science hard to understand. You can find such students if you enjoy these subjects and have the ability to teach these well to start tuitions. Besides, you can charge different subjects differently once you get going with the idea of home tutoring.

Fish farming:- Like poultry, fish farming requires small capital and little effort. You only need to look for a suitable place for a small pond, source of water and the type of fish you wish to farm. This is also a potential business, given the love for food of Ghanaians.

Photography:-  The world is now connecting through social media, which is all about visuals and optics. Therefore, with a good quality camera, you can take creative and exciting pictures to build your profile. This will help you get noticed in no time, and you could start off as a professional photographer.

Frozen food:- Another option to invest your online money transfer to Ghana is the food industry. Search the market to see which food is in demand and prepare and then freeze it. Because Ghanaians look for easy ways to prepare food and frozen foods are easy to cook and prepare.

Daycare service:- Parents who are on the job always look for daycare centres and babysitters. All you need to start this service is a nice and clean room with toys etc. Parents will leave their children at your place as they head for their workplaces. Your love for children is also a requirement for this business.

Small loan business:- Stringent banking conditions make people look for alternatives to borrow money from. With a fair amount of capital, you can start this business. Your background in finance and accounting is a must, and once you initiate, due diligence on who you give money to is also important.

Event planning:- Starting an event planning business may require some effort but once started, you are well on your way to become financially viable. Because there are always birthdays, weddings, baby showers etc.

Snail farming:- Snail farming requires little effort and capital. You will require small space to farm snails for human consumption or for the cosmetics industry.

Recycling plant:- Installing a scrap metal recycling plant is another profitable business in Ghana as companies keep looking for these metals. Walk the streets in Ghana and you will find different scrap metals lying there.

Dry cleaning business:- Busy people look for laundries to clean their dirty clothes. It is a good business as people will approach you with their dirty laundry if your laundry shop in the area is holding repute and credibility.

Driving institute:- It may require some capital but is a thriving business as people always look for such institutes to learn driving. You will need to register and acquire certain documents to initiate it.

Make-up:- With refined make-up skills, you can either work with salons or start your own salon requiring small capital and little effort. It is a rewarding business in Ghana as women there want to put on lots of makeup to look beautiful.

Conclusion:- Ghana offers a lot of opportunities to jobless people in terms of business. All you need to keep in mind is to take up any challenges head-on, expand your knowledge in your area of expertise, and send money to Ghana online to start your business as an expatriate. Because Ghana has seen many small business owners grow to business empires.