How can we analyze if the money transfer is providing the best transfer service?

Do you ever think about the best way to send money to Nigeria? In this article, we will discuss the ways to analyze if an online money transfer company is providing the best services or not.

We will first throw light on what would you mean by best, and then we will proceed with our discussions.

There was a time and not long ago when people thought that the only precious thing in the world is wealth and money. It was the only thing with no peer. But, as time progressed, people began to realize that time is also important and equally so. And quite quickly, it became money’s peer in terms of importance. Therefore, for some, time is more important than money, while for some money may be more important and for some, maybe both.

People living overseas send money back home, and when it comes to sending back money to Senegal from elsewhere, you may have to consider time and a few other important factors discussed below to determine if an online company is offering the best services.

Options to collect:- Firstly, you may have to send funds to an unbanked person, which means they do not have a bank account. Therefore, find a company through which you can send money to Nigeria online or in cash and in a different currency. ACE offers both options of sending cash and many currencies to choose from.

Options to pay:- Many companies have limited options to send money through a demand draft or a cheque only which restricts convenience for both the sender and the beneficiary, but ACE offers a huge range of options to choose from as per your needs and requirements.

Fee:- Not very many companies charge low fees for transferring money online. These companies charge huge amounts as fees which burdens the sender and can also affect the principal amount. But, ACE is one of the very few companies which charge a meager amount based on a small percentage of money.

Exchange rates:- Many companies earn profits through exchange rates which is again a burden for both the sender and recipient. But ACE offers the best currency exchange rates without extracting profits for money transfer to Nigeria and worldwide. It would help if you were careful with the exchange rates as they keep fluctuating and give a big margin to some unscrupulous elements in the market to fleece the customers.

Limit of amount:- There are many companies that have set certain limits above and below which those companies do not accept a transaction whether it is meant for your home country or inside the same country. This can limit and restrict your options by a huge margin. ACE is one of the few companies to transfer money online to Senegal regardless of how small or big the amount is.

Security:- You also need to check the level of security of your transaction given online frauds and chances of hacking with ACE offering the most secured and safe online transactions.

Tracking:- After initiating a transaction, you may want to track the status of your transaction at any given point in time. ACE has set an online system through which its customers can track their transactions anytime conveniently till it completes.

Customer service:- It is of utmost importance if you want to be worry-free. ACE has its efficient customer services team which not only answers query 24*7 but also keeps guiding you throughout.

Conclusion:- If you draw comparisons between different companies and find all of the above points in the services offered by one company, you are good to go. But, seeing all of these under one roof is not only difficult, it is almost impossible unless you avail of the services of ACE Money Transfer which offers all of these services and benefits to its customers but also does so without compromising its service quality and standards ACE has set for its customer satisfaction and convenience.  Are you ready for an online money transfer to Nigeria through ACE money transfer?