How can you give more by sending money to Ghana with ACE?

                How about the digital way to send money to Ghana? This article will guide you about saving more while you send money online with ACE to Ghana or any other country worldwide.

You can only send more money if you follow a set of rules concerning your living style in an expatriate life and whose service you avail of for sending money.

Let’s take a brief look at the few rules concerning your way of living.

Accommodation:- If you hail from Ghana and work in another country, arranging accommodation is a must. Therefore, you either live in a shared apartment or a flat to live by yourself. It depends on how strong you financially are. In expensive countries such as the UK, living can be expensive and requires a lot of money. The best way to save this money is to live in a shared apartment.

Commuting:- Travelling in another country can be costly. The best way to save money in travelling is to travel in public transport and avoid using your personal vehicles. Rechargeable travel cards and vouchers are issued in different countries, allowing you to travel by using those for a period of one month.

Food:- People living abroad find it hard to manage cooking alongside tiring work routines. So, they prefer eating out, which can cost them heavily. To save money, you should stray away from the famous eateries and instead find cheap food places which are aplenty away from the main streets and the central parts of cities you live in. Besides, prices drop at certain restaurants before and after peak hours which can help you save money if you visit those places outside of peak hours.

Health:- Health service is one of the essential services that you should have access to. Only having access to health services is not an issue, but affordable and viable access is! How expensive a health service depends on the country. However, securing health insurance in a foreign land is a must as soon as you land there to secure yourself financially and in terms of health hazards. Also, visiting private health facilities is costlier than the state-run health facilities.

Now let’s take a look at how ACE helps you save money while online money transfer to Ghana.

Fee:- ACE has the unique feature of charging low service fees without compromising the quality of service. Many companies claim to offer quality online money transfer services but in return charge huge amounts as fees. ACE comforts its customers by charging less and delivering more. This saving can be added to the amount sent and increase its volume.

Exchange rates:- Many unscrupulous companies earn in the exchange rates besides charging the fee for money transfers to Ghana and other countries worldwide. This way, these companies make a two-way profit. And not only that, they make deductions without notifying you under different heads as the transaction proceeds. Hence, there are many instances where people have ended up paying more as fee and service charges than the principal amount they intended to send back to Ghana. ACE is one of the few companies which ensure you know about all such charges, only if applicable in the first place. Otherwise, ACE offers the best exchange rates without any profits involved.

Urgency:- There are cases when people request to send money on an urgent basis to meet emergencies, for which they are charged extra. This extra amount can be saved and added into the principal amount if sent through ACE as it charges only a meager amount as an urgent fee.

Conclusion:- These are the ways in which you can save money and send more to Ghana because savings thus made can be added into the principal amount you intend to send to Ghana. ACE also helps you to learn about ways to save money either while leading an expatriate life or while engaging with it to send money to Ghana online or transfer remittances in cash.