How Can You Help Your Pakistani Friend Using Money Transfer Services?

There are many reasons why people send money to Pakistan. This is not only the family support. It may also include helping a friend.

Friends are an important part of life. They support through thick and thin. So when they are in need of financial support, you have to support them. You may need a service for money transfer to Pakistan if your friend is living abroad and is in trouble. In that situation, you need assistance from a company that can quickly transfer your money. Here is how you can help your friend in trouble.

Is There A Best Way to Send Money and Help Friend?

Traditional ways of transferring money like using banks and some money transfer service providing companies are on top priorities of most of the people. It is because they consider them a safe way to send money to their friends. But the fact is that using these ways you not only loss your money, but your friend also has to wait for the money. These companies usually charge high money transfer fees.

How are Banks Expensive in Money Transfer?

Let’s take an example that you are going to sell a property in one country and buying another property in another country. For this purpose, you need to transfer money. Let’s say it is about $300000 and you need to transfer it from Sydney to San Francisco. You will be surprised to hear that they charge about 13%. Banks charge at least 7% on average. So we can say that for $300,000 you pay $10,500.

Can You Consider Online Money Transfer Service Providers?

Best way to transfer money to your friend is using online money transfer providers. They provide you a fast and easy money transfer services. This is a very safe way to use. Moreover, it is not so tough to send money to Pakistan online, as there is no need to provide so much information.

What is the Significance of Using Credit and Debit Card for Money Transfer?

A debit card allows you to spend money from your checking account without using checks. When you use a debit card for making payment, money comes out of your account instantly. When you do not have a credit card, you can send money globally using a debit card. Having a rewards credit card is the best thing you can have. But it works best when you avail money transfer services form agents or companies other than banks. If you use banks for money transfers, you may have to face higher interest rates and transfer fees.

Final Thoughts

It is a fact the money transfer is all about exchange rates. You can avoid low or no fee if you compare services from different providers and then chose the one providing services according to your needs. If you need online money transfer to Pakistan or any other developing country, it is better to prefer online services. ACE Money Transfer is one of the reputed service providers if you want to send money quickly online. They provide you services at the competitive exchange rate and charge low transfer fees. They also have a convenient mobile application so that you can make a transfer from your phone. Try their services and get your money transferred to your loved ones.