How can you save yourself from extra fees on a money transfers?

send money to Nepal

                Did you ever bother to know about how to send money to Nepal? In this article, we will throw light on the possible ways and techniques to save you from paying an extra fee as and when you plan to book a transaction with online money sending company.

Traditional ways of sending money overseas or to people living away from you have always been time-consuming and costly.

A traditional wire transfer through a bank takes about three to five working days if all is in place, even in this technology-driven age. And this time can exceed if emergencies arise.

Online money transfer companies have created ease for the people who live away from their home countries to earn a living and help save time and money which used to be consumed hugely in the past in traditional methods of sending money online. But, here are a few points you must keep in mind while booking a money transfer to Nepal to save yourself from paying extra.

Compare:- The first and most important point to consider is to draw comparisons instead of just reaching out to any online money transfer company to book a transaction. You must check the fee of different companies and not only that you must also see how companies structure their fee. There are many companies which may charge you extra for urgency or for ensuring a secure funds transfer. These charges are then added to the fee which becomes a big amount. But ACE is one of a few companies whose fee structure is simple and based on simply calculated amounts you may want to send to Nepal.

Exchange rates:- Currency exchange rates are tricky to understand as they keep fluctuating round the clock. You must keep an eye on these rates and their fluctuations as many companies extract a profit margin from these fluctuations. And if unaware, you end up paying extra to the company. There are a few companies such as ACE which offer the best currency exchange rates to send money to Nepal online or another country as they are in the international market without profiting from them.

Hidden charges:- Beware of these hidden charges. It is, of course, difficult to trace something which is hidden but relatively less so in today’s age. Companies will charge you extra for security, speed and transparency, which will swell your fee bill. But, ACE is one of those companies which offer these services as an in-built package of their basic services.

Check reviews:- It is an extremely important point to remember and keep in mind before booking an online transaction to transfer funds to your home country online from abroad. Every credible company leaves a room on their official websites for comments and reviews which people availing of their services keep filling. This enables the companies to bring about betterment in their services in the light of the feedback they get. And if you find a company which has disabled this feature on their official website, well, you have good reasons to cast doubts on their credibility then! Studying these reviews and virtual visitation to these sites can help you develop a fair idea which will further help you make an informed decision.

The volume of funds:- This also plays a part to make you pay the extra fees, in different companies. Many companies would charge you extra if you plan to send a huge amount of remittance to Senegal or any other country for that matter. But, there are a few companies, like ACE, which have flat and low fees regardless of the volume of the amount.

Conclusion:- This article has guided you about the points and techniques you must bear in mind while contacting an online money transfer company to send funds to Senegal from abroad. It merits mentioning that ACE Money Transfer is one of the few companies whose service quality is high with all the features listed above without you having to pay extra for those with ACE. Are you ready for an online money transfer to Nepal from your country to your residence through ACE?