How Can You Send Money to Ghana Through an Online Mobile Wallet?

Sending money to Ghana by using mobile wallets are by far the most straightforward method along with minimum requirements. If you prefer online transaction, this method is pretty straight-forward; however, here are some things that you should know before giving it a go!

How to Verify If Your Money Transfer Provider Has This Service Or Not?

If you are still stuck with traditional companies or transfer processes, then you will probably hear bad news. Mobile wallets are the latest trend of technology; thereby, only the modern equipped providers will be able to facilitate you with them.

So, the first step is to check it with your provider. You can check their website or call the customer care department immediately, finding out the answer.

Also send money to other countries like: Ghana, India, Nepal, Philippines & Uganda.

How to Verify If the Beneficiary Is Friendly to The Usage of Mobile Wallets?

In many under-developed states, internet services are not readily available, especially in rural areas. Before adopting this process, verify if the recipient is comfortable with the process. If the receiver is not able to easily use smartphones or if the person on the other end is not qualified enough, then it can prove to be more difficult than using simple cash.

If the beneficiary is friendly with the process, it’s also necessary to check if the surroundings are adaptable. If the shops or stores near you or the beneficiary are not providing wallet services, then you will have to withdraw the payments before using them. For the online money transfer to Ghana, bank transfer and cash pick up can be chosen.

How to Check Fee Through Your Payment Portal?

There are mainly three types of costs incurred while using a money transfer service. Sending fee is the cost that is charged by the provider to regulate your payments. The currency exchange fee is the cost of transferring your amounts into the beneficiary’s state’s currency.  

It’s essential to keep an eye on these as they fluctuate daily. Last comes the receiving fee. Make sure to go for a provider who doesn’t ask for this type of cost.

How to Transfer Payments Online?

After going through all of the above-written steps, only the necessary transfer process is remaining. You only need your phone number to sign-in to any wallet and the same for the beneficiary.

· Open the App

· Enter the amount that you want to send

· Enter the phone number of the beneficiary

· Complete the transaction.

That’s it! However, if you are trying to send a considerable payment, then the rules might change slightly, but as far as the remittance are concerned, it’s the best and most facilitating way.

How is Transferring Money Through Mobile Wallet Beneficial?

Ghana is a state with active banking and mobile wallet services. The mobile app of ACE Money Transfer allows its customers to do the cheapest yet fastest money transfer to Ghana within a few minutes only!

You can use the received payments directly or withdraw them through any of the affiliated banks or payout sites. Say goodbye to time-taking transfer processes and log-in with app now!